How to become a successful YouTuber to earn money on YouTube

How to become a Youtuber

Sometimes Youtube video marketing is considered superior to blogging & non-video social media marketing because statistics show that people like to see the videos instead of reading the entire article.

Also while blogs might face serious issues of traffic decline in the future due to huge growth in social media and Google core Algorithm getting stronger every year, Youtube is said to have never-ending growth. Starting a Youtube channel is a great idea to build your brand and make money.

People who start a Youtube channel for passion instantly smell success compared to others who want their wallets to be filled from the next day.

Few things to remember before starting a Youtube channel:

  • To start a Youtube channel all you need is a Google account.
  • Youtube is very strict about copyright policy. So, if you try to / plan to copy other videos your account might be suspended by the Youtube.
  • If you’re planning to monetize the videos of your Youtube channel, the content guidelines must be followed. Failing will result in account suspension & the Youtube partnership program will be canceled.
  • Videos with misleading content and meta details are not eligible to be monetized.

Tips for Creating Great Youtube content:

When you’ve decided to start a Youtube channel, the question to raise is “What videos to make?”.

Before starting a Youtube channel the first step is to analyze what will I put on my channel. The content is the king and poor quality content will not be viewed for not more than a few seconds.

Choose a niche/category about which you’re going to create videos. Know your audience base before selecting the category to target the audience.

Here are some of the best performing Youtube video categories – current affairs(top), movie reviews, funny videos, prank videos, tech videos, tutorials, fitness, sports, product reviews, a gaming channel, TV shows, short films, smartphones, Computers, adventure, etc.

Do not go with the Adult content, illegal usage of Softwares & games, dangerous activities, hate & abusive speech because advertisers do not prefer to advertise their products & services on such videos.

Starting a YouTube channel is a potential online job for housewives and work from home moms. Women from these categories can choose to start a YouTube channel about parenting, health & beauty, babysitting, cooking, fashion, etc.

After choosing a niche, now it’s time to choose a name for the channel. To become a successful Youtuber, you must brand your channel name.

Visitors must remember the channel name to return. For example ‘Facebook’ is a brand and ‘Social media’ is a generic name.

Now branding is the most important thing in any online business. The name of the brand is so important for branding. So, choose the name with care.

Start making unique videos for YouTube Channel:

After choosing the niche and brand name, start making videos.

Make the videos professional and the voice clear without noise. Videos with voiceover are preferred over voiceless videos especially in the case of tutorial videos.

Create a small introduction clip for your brand and bind it to the front part of the video.

If you need help on making voiceovers & video editing you can buy them for just $5 on the Fiverr.

When the first video is complete, you’re ready to start a Youtube channel.

You must verify your phone number to upload videos with runtime length above 15 minutes and set custom thumbnails.

How to start a Youtube channel:

Create a new Google account or log into your existing Google account. Go to Youtube and click My channel to start a Youtube channel. You will be asked to enter the name of the channel. After entering the name, click on the create a channel button.

Now the channel dashboard will be displayed as shown below.

Youtube channel homepage

Upload a professional profile picture/logo for the channel and add the channel art.

If you are not confident in designing the pictures You can approach Fiverr, where a lot of professionals will be available to do it for just $5.

Upload your first video to your channel. Continue to add more videos daily and create the playlist for the visitors.

Then after concentrate on building traffic and subscribers.

How to earn money on Youtube:

Speaking about making money on Youtube, the Youtube partner program is the main choice of the Youtubers.

The pro-Youtubers go with other better options such as affiliate marketing, direct video ads, and direct banner ads. The monetization methods are explained below in detail.

1. YouTube partner program:

Youtube partner program is the primary choice of the Youtubers which is simple and easier to implement.

In simple, the Youtube partner program is associated with Google’s ad publishing program Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the online advertising platform that connects Advertisers to the webmasters, Youtubers, bloggers, etc.

The Google Adsense publishers / Youtube partners are eligible to monetize their blog(s), Youtube videos.

Be aware that to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program, your channel must generate at least 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months and should have 1000 users subscribed to your channel.

When the videos are monetized, the targeted ads will be displayed when someone watches the video. The partner will be paid when the visitor interacts with the ad which includes impressions, clicks, active views.

The revenue from the advertising is shared by the publishers and Youtube. 55% of the revenue generated by the video will be added to the publisher’s account and 45% is shared with Youtube.

So, if the publisher videos generate $100 from the ad interaction(s), $55 will go to the publisher and $45 will be taken by Youtube. This process is automatic and done instantly.

These are the eligibility requirements to monetize the videos, your account must be in good standing, your videos should have been created according to the Adsense community guidelines, your age must be 18 or above to participate in Adsense publisher program.

To start, go to the channel features and status section. The page might look similar to the screenshot given below.

Enable Youtube Monetization

Now the monetization setting is directly available on the YouTube Studio menu.

You have to enable this feature to display ads on the videos. You must agree with the terms & conditions of the Youtube partner program to participate.

Youtube Monetisation enabled

YouTube will send an email to the corresponding email address regarding this.

Then after you must start an Adsense account and link it with the Youtube channel to complete the monetization process.

2. Affiliate marketing on YouTube:

Affiliate marketing is an advanced way to monetize Youtube videos.

Top YouTubers promote products & services on Youtube and earn the commission by giving a qualified lead/sale.

To do affiliate marketing, you must be a blogger or top YouTuber. Not all the videos are can be used to do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketers create videos reviewing/explaining the products or service and leave their affiliate link below the video on the description. When the visitors find the product or service useful, they might buy the product using the affiliate link. After a successful purchase, the commission will be added to the affiliate account.

Adsense + Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money on Youtube.

Selling health supplements, SEO services, online services, selling eBook courses, selling software by reviewing them are few examples.

To start affiliate marketing, you must become an affiliate of the affiliate network(s).

3. Sponsorship/Direct advertisements on YouTube:

Niche-specific Youtube channels with huge traffic can monetize their videos with direct ads.

Big companies pay these Youtubers for adding their video clip/content on the channel videos or descriptions.

Adding trailer(s) at the initial part of the movie review is the best example of direct advertising.

Sponsoring the Youtuber for recommending the products, services, other Youtube videos at the end are the example of direct advertising/sponsored ads.

Monetizing the Youtube videos with Adsense ads and the direct ads will multiply the income several times higher. Top YouTubers know it’s sponsorships that can fetch more money, not the YouTube Partner Programme.

Types of Adsense ads displayed on YouTube:

Banner ads – Banner ads are the most common ad type displayed on the sidebar of all the pages when the videos are played. These are mostly 300 x 250 or 336 x 260 in size.

Overlay ads – Overlay ads are banner ads displayed at the bottom of the screen when the videos are played. The most used sizes are 728 x 90 and 468 x 60.

Video ads – Video ads will be played before the actual video starts playing. There are two types of video ads displayed which are skippable after 30 seconds and non-skippable. Video ads will be played only on channels with high traffic.

Sponsored cards – In this type content relevant to the video will be displayed.

How to become a successful YouTuber and make good income:

To become a successful Vlogger, you must truly concentrate on creating quality content and growing the brand name of the channel.

The step to success can be analyzed by looking at the number of subscribers.

So, ask your visitors to subscribe to the channel at the end of each video. The more subscribers your channel get, the more times your videos will be viewed.

When the videos are viewed by more visitors automatically it will start generating revenue. These are the basics to become a successful Youtuber.

You can also earn money by watching videos on YouTube.

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