Captcha entry jobs – Is captcha solving work worth it? Truth about captcha typing sites

Captcha entry jobs - captcha typing work

Captcha entry jobs are one of the most searched online jobs on the internet.

Due to the increased popularity of captcha entry over time, people who look to make some money online started to do the captcha solving work.

Without knowing what is captcha typing job, many works on the captcha entry sites just to make pennies by wasting their precious time.

I’m one of the experts in helping people to make money online and now I will explain to you what is captcha entry job and is it worth to use your precious time to do captcha typing work.

Before getting into the captcha entry work, let us see the basics of captcha and its use.

What is Captcha?

The captcha is a program that is designed to eliminate bots or automated programs from accessing the application or website.

In simple words, the captcha is a protection application that requires Human intelligence to solve. Only a human can solve the captcha and enter the application while the bots will be blocked from accessing the protected source.

CAPTCHA – Completely Automated Public Turning Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart.

What are the uses of captcha?

The captcha is a great invention to help the world to prevent automated programs, bots, viruses, bad crawlers from accessing the protected information. Here are some points to explain to you how captchas are used,

  • Captchas are mostly used in online websites to prevent bots from entering their websites.
  • The bots can continuously request for information from the website and might use the hardware resources that slow down the web applications. Captcha plays an important role to stop those bots.
  • The captchas are used in internet banking websites to stop brutal attacks made to steal sensitive information like passwords, PINs, etc.
  • Captchas are used in web applications like Booking, SEO tools, PTC sites, Online banking, etc. to prevent automatic requests and hacks.
  • Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter uses captcha to eliminate hackers steal the sensitive information of Facebook.

Types of captchas – Examples of captchas:

As technology develops, so does the hackers find ways to misuse technology.

The captcha technology is being developed and improved each time in such a way that the hackers don’t find a way to use auto bots to crack it.

Here is the list of captchas that are used to prevent bots and allow Human access,

Image to Text captcha:

Captcha entry solve Facebook

This is the most common type of captcha used on web apps is the traditional Image to text captcha. It’s a known fact that the bots cannot read images unless there is an Alt text. So, Human intelligence is required to read the words written on the image.

To solve this captcha, the user should enter the text given on the image in the text box provided below the image.

Once the submit button is clicked, if the captcha is solved correctly the user will be provided access to watch the content.

If the user solves the captcha wrong, the program will again ask the user to solve a different captcha.

Until the user solves the captcha correctly, he will not be allowed to access the content.

Google Re-Captcha:

Captcha typing jobs - Google Recaptcha

Google Recaptcha is an advanced captcha product of Google with artificial intelligence.

Previously, Google Recaptcha – 1 an image to text captcha was replaced by the advanced Google Recaptcha – 2 and now the invisible Google Recaptcha – 3 is on the go.

To solve this captcha, the user must click in the box near I’m not a robot.

Once clicked, Google will verify the request received from the user and allow the user to access the content.

Google Recaptcha-2 is smarter enough to track the cursor movement pattern of bots and humans.

If the Recaptcha doubts the clicker is not a human, it will ask to verify by solving the question as given below.

Captcha solving jobs- Recaptcha

In this captcha, it asks the user to select all the street signs in the given image.

Once the user selects the required blocks on the image, the access will be granted to view the content.

Image selection captcha:

Image selection captcha entry jobs

This is the easier and basic captcha where the user should select/click the icon among many icons.

In this captcha, the user is asked to select the Aeroplane. Once the Airplane is selected, the access will be granted to the user to access the content.

These are the few examples of captchas that are used to protect different systems from the automated bots.

Now you know what is a captcha and how captcha works to protect the system. Let’s move on to the main topic about captcha solving job.

What is Captcha entry jobs?

Captcha entry job is provided by the captcha entry sites. These sites pay the worker for solving the captchas.

When the users join the captcha entry site to do captcha entry job, they will be given instructions on how to do the captcha solving work.

Once the users understand what is captcha entry, they can immediately start the work to earn money.

When the member enters the worker board, it looks similar to the image given below.

Captcha entry jobs on Megatypers

A timer will run at the top of the worker board with the image and text box below.

The member must solve the captcha within 15 seconds to get paid.

To solve the captcha, the member must read the image and type the letters given on the image in the text box given below. Once entered, the member must hit the enter button or click the submit button.

The next captcha will load once the current captcha is solved.

The members can continuously solve the captchas until they feel to leave. The more captcha the member solves, the more he can earn.

Captcha entry sites pay very little money for solving the captchas which will be between $0.0004 to $0.0015 per captcha. So, the users need speed and accuracy to earn at least a dollar per hour.

The captcha rates are calculated based on the biding. The rate is bid per thousand captchas. The bidding is done based on the number of bidders bids for at the same time.

When there are more requirements, the captcha rate increases, and when there is less requirement, the captcha solving rate will decline.

In US daylight time the captcha rate will be $0.80 to $1.50 per thousand and night time the captcha rate will decline to $0.30 to $0.70.

It’s better if the user works in the US daytime instead of the night time.

Captcha rates - captcha entry work

Currently, since the new smart captcha has been introduced which is hard to solve, the captcha entry sites pay up to $3 for solving 1000 captchas.

Solving smart captchas will be interesting and easier compared to the regular image to text captchas and it helps the members to earn more.

How much can a member earn doing captcha entry work:

Let us do simple math to calculate how much can a user earns when he type at a speed of 40 WPM,

Member solves 1000 captcha per hour in US daylight,

$0.001 avg x 1000 = $1/hr

Member solves 1000 captcha per hour in US nighttime,

$0.0005 avg x 1000 = $0.50/hr

In rarest case, the member solves captcha at 70 WPM max bid,

$0.002 x 1500 = $3/hr

Solving 1000 Recaptchas(smart captcha) per hour,

$0.003 x 1000 = $3/hr

How and why do captcha entry sites pay us for solving captchas:

The captcha entry sites are working for third-party companies to help them automate their services. These companies used to provide automation services & software to their clients.

But, sometimes captchas will have to be solved when these automation services use third-party tools.

So, these companies require human intelligence to solve the captchas and make their service fully automatic without their clients’ need to fill the captcha.

Here comes, the captcha entry sites to help the companies to solve the captcha with the help of their members.

The companies pay money to the captcha entry sites and those captcha entry sites organize the captcha entry services and pay money to the members for helping them by solving captchas for the companies.

The companies will use the API in their software provided by the captcha entry sites to complete this process.

Example of the companies which use the captcha entry services to automate their software/services/tools – Gaming bots, search engine optimization, social networks, script developers, cryptocurrencies, auto-submission software, etc.

Pros of captcha solving sites:

  • Captcha entry sites provide job to the users worldwide to earn money online.
  • The captcha entry jobs are available 24 x 7 to anyone who wishes to earn online.
  • Captcha solving jobs are very simple and do not require any special qualification.
  • Captcha entry sites pay through PayPal, Payza, Western Union, Bitcoin, etc.

Cons of captcha entry sites:

  • Captcha entry services are considered against ethics.
  • To work on captcha entry sites, the user must be connected to the internet with decent speed.
  • Too many kick-outs due to low internet speed, inaccuracy, and slow typing will result in the account ban.
  • Captcha entry job is a waste of time if we compare time: money earned.
  • There are few captcha entry sites (s) like Captcha Club scam people who promise to pay more money.

Is Captcha entry Jobs legitimate?

Now you know what is captcha entry jobs and why do captcha entry sites pay us money for doing captcha typing work.

Captcha entry services do little good and more bad to the bot protection. Captcha entry sites help the real companies which provide legitimate services.

But, the captcha entry services might be used by hackers, scam companies to easily steal information, hack websites by using bots by easily skipping the bot protection(captchas).

Are captcha solving jobs legit or scam?

The captcha entry sites are legitimate, not scams and they pay their members on time.

But, it’s you who should decide if you wish to work for the companies which crack the bot protection with the help of you.

Instead of sticking to unethical captcha entry jobs, you can find other related data entry jobs that pay well.

While captcha entry jobs can be done using the mobile phone, it’s better to go for legit online jobs using mobile phone.

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