Online Email Marketing Jobs from Home for Freelancers

Email marketing jobs

Email Marketing is part of traditional digital marketing techniques.

It is considered one of the effective inbound marketing techniques even though it is old school.

That is why email marketing jobs are one of the best for freelancers to earn money from home.

If you’re the one who thinks sending some email to subscribers is the job of an email marketer, then it’s wrong.

Email marketing is an art where a lot of factors involves in the process of running successful marketing campaigns.

As an email marketer or to become an email marketing manager, you must be a skilled professional.

Though it’s impossible to deliver everything about email marketing, in this article you can learn the outline of email marketing, how to become a skilled email marketer to get hired by potential clients, and at last where to find remote email marketing jobs to work from home as a freelancer.

Role of Email Marketing in Digital Marketing:

Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.David Newman

While there are a lot of digital marketing techniques, businesses use email marketing to target and market products & services to potential customers.

Because email remains one of the best channels to connect people(one on one) while Social media and other channels are not effective in direct marketing.

Social media marketing allows us to target new customers based on the buyer’s persona whereas email marketing is for the people who have opt-in for the services.

Based on the preferences of the customers, the email marketing technique can be used to,

  • educate the leads to convert.
  • run automated lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Support existing customers.
  • Send marketing newsletters as part of the campaign.
  • and a hundred more reasons based on the intent of campaign(s).

Email marketing gives us full control compared to other digital marketing techniques.

Hence the email marketing remains one of the best techniques that connect the business and people without intruding the privacy.

Scope of Email Marketing Jobs:

While I was praising the email marketing’s role in digital marketing, now it’s time to talk about the truth.

Though email marketing has a significant role in digital marketing, when it comes to the scope we can’t conclude especially for the things that relate technology.

As technology develops so do the features. It’s us who have to stay updated so that we aren’t left behind.

To tell you with an example, once DVD’s, Music players, were ruling the media. The smartphones, cloud storage, streaming, and small devices with huge storage space has destroyed the need for discs.

Now we’re upgraded to SSDs, Pendrive, card storage, and we ain’t know what’s future. The future is virtual and AI will rule the world. So, the current smartphones manufacturers should upgrade themselves to hold on to the market.

One of the best failures in history is Nokia. They never realized the importance of the transition from featured phones to smartphones. This lead to the fall of  Nokia.

Why I said this is once email marketing was the primary marketing technique. While still it is one of the best marketing techniques, social media started to rule the marketing along with search.

So, in addition to email marketing jobs, I advise you to concentrate on all the possible digital marketing techniques and social media jobs so that you don’t get left behind stuck with emails in the future.

Skills Set Requirements for Email Marketing Defined:

To get a remote email marketing job or to work for freelance email marketing campaigns of your clients, these are the must-have skillsets for an email marketer.

If you’re a fresher then it’s hard to become a freelance email marketer. An email marketer should be able to handle the campaigns or other email marketing functionalities. The fact is freshers cannot handle projects directly. So, if you’re a fresher then I recommend you signup on Udemy to learn email marketing.

Here are some of the basic skill requirements for email marketing jobs,

  • Ability to run email marketing campaigns as an individual and with a team.
  • Know how to use email marketing tools.
  • Should be aware of email deliverability, bounce rate, CAN-spam act, GDPR, etc.
  • Ability to run A/B testing to build the best email marketing campaigns.
  • Content creation skills to make emails engaging.
  • And a lot more advanced skills like segmentation strategy, performance measurement, SMART goals, conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization, analytics, to become a master of email marketing.

Learn Email Marketing Jobs Basics:

Email marketing jobs don’t stop with email marketing. It’s a huge process. In this section, you can learn email marketing basics and relate where you lack skills.

1. Email Marketing Database:

Do you have permission to email them?

The first part of any email marketing campaign is creating an email database.

An email database is the collection of emails of the third party whether it is leads, customers, or any emails of potential people who can convert.

The email database must be clean, targeted, segmented to make the email campaigns successful.

Purchasing an email database from the third party just to hit hundreds of emails to their inbox will make no sense.

As an email marketer, you must know how to collect emails that are worth enough to be sent.

Maintaining an updated email database is a primary job for email marketers.

While the email marketers working for businesses cannot do this by themselves, they will have to work with other departments like content creators to place an email subscription box on the website or similar functions that are used to collect emails.

2. Updating the Email Database:

Email marketing databases naturally decays by about 22.5% approx. every year.

It’s estimated that around 1/4th of the email database becomes outdated within a year.

What I mean here on degrade is that those emails that can no more generate leads or convert into customers should be removed from the database.

Email marketers should be aware of the hard fact and work on updating their email database.

Skilled email marketers should understand the intent of the business and work on the email database accordingly.

Conducting re-engagement campaigns, enabling resubscription helps to update the database.

3. Segmentation Strategy:

The right content, to the right audience, at the right time equals success.

One of the primary skills that an email marketer posses is the strategy. The email marketer should create a strategy based on the business to generate maximum ROI.

Segmented email campaigns are successful generating more leads and increasing the lead-conversion rate.

Besides performance, it helps in decreasing the unsubscribe rate by 9.37%.

4. Content Creation:

Good content is not story telling, it’s telling your story well.

Email marketing doesn’t stop with collecting the right email database and sending newsletters.

The content in the email should be very engaging, informative, and should have a call to action to convert.

Any content that doesn’t prove value to the reader is a waste of time. Instead, it will damage the name of the brand.

So, it’s important to create content that beings trust eventually converts the target.

5. Email Analysis:

There is no formula for the perfect email – Authentic and honest messaging work.

The email analysis is the process of analyzing the performance of email marketing campaigns.

It includes analyzing the metrics like open, click, & convert rate, and calculating the ROI.

Email analysis helps to identify underperforming email marketing campaigns and modify accordingly.

The email marketing manager at the job should continuously work on improving the performance of the email marketing campaigns.

6. Conversion Measurement:

Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless it produces conversions.

While the conversion isn’t directly related to email marketing, one of the jobs of email marketing specialist is to measure the conversions.

On the whole, the conversion rate depends on the landing page design, nature of the business, and the product(s).

The email marketing campaigns should be tracked continuously using analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

Conversion measurement should be performed to calculate the ROI and take actions based on the result.

7. A/B Testing:

Which tastes better? Grilled Chicken or Fried Chicken? – A/B testing is primal part of out instinct.

A/B testing is a primary strategy followed by the businesses to find which works better.

Every one of us does A/B testing in day to day life one way or another. It helps us to choose the best in life whether it’s a smartphone, food, college, or anything.

The same applies to email marketing campaigns.

An email marketing manager should continuously work on testing various marketing campaigns to find the best performing one.

A/B testing is an experiment that will double the performance if done right. Here’s some of the example of A/B testing,

  • Testing different layouts of emails.
  • Placing CTA buttons in the position with higher heat.
  • Testing different landing pages to find the best performing.
  • Testing the sending time to monitor engagement.

There are still hundreds of testing that can be done to make the email marketing campaigns better. The email marketing manager or the person in charge of email marketing jobs should be able to run various tests to generate maximum ROI to the company.

8. Inbound Marketing:

Don’t build links. Build relationships.

Email marketing is an inbound marketing technique where we have to build deeper connections with people instead of marketing.

Establishing the relationships between the brands and customers is a long term process that is gonna ripe the fruit of success.

The email marketing managers should understand inbound marketing of humanizing instead of marketing.

Only if you can develop inbound marketing skills, you can be a potential email marketing executive.

9. Email Automation:

Automation eases the job and accuracy up to 100%.

Automation is changing every industry in the world.

Being part of information technology, email marketing does enjoy the effects of automation.

Sending behavioral emails based on history, email scheduling, and many more processes are automated with the help of email marketing tools and software.

The marketers should be aware of advancements in technology to compete.

10. Email Spams:

Spam is a waste of the receivers’ time, and, a waste of the sender’s optimism.

Email spams are the worst problems in email marketing.

Flooding spam emails is the reason why people started to ignore marketing emails.

But the email providers like Gmail, live, yahoo mail have come up with filters to prevent spam emails.

You must be aware of the CAN-SPAM act, and create emails that don’t violate the policies.

Using words like ‘free’, ‘prize’, ‘loan’, etc might trigger the spam filter letting your email right into the spam box.

Similarly, sending unnecessary emails to subscribers is also spam.

Sending a maximum of 4 emails per month is considered a good number.

Various Email Marketing Job Positions:

These are some of the jobs positions related to email marketing jobs,

1. Email Marketing Specialist:

The email marketing specialist is responsible for running email marketing campaigns and generates performance reports.

They have a lot of responsibilities in running the email marketing campaigns working with the content creators, copywriters, and other marketing executives.

One of the important skillsets an email marketing specialist should have is to work independently and be flexible to the changes over time.

Usually, companies hire email marketing specialists with experience who has got a lot on email campaigns.

The potential email marketing specialists can work as a freelancer from home for clients on their terms.

2. Content Creator, Editor, Designer:

While this job is not directly related to email marketing, the content creators, copywriters, play an indirect role in email marketing.

The job is to work with the email marketing executive to create content and design emails according to the instructions.

The job role doesn’t stop with working on marketing emails, these people perform tasks for websites, social media posts, etc.

Content creators have multiple roles in digital marketing to work with as a team with marketing specialists.

3. Developer:

Developers have the least to do with email marketing.

While the email marketers are using the prebuilt email templates to create content, some hire web developers do develop customer content with HTML.

Freelance developers can make use of these opportunities.

4. Digital Marketing Executive:

Email marketing under Digital Marketing

As I said earlier email marketing is the part of digital marketing.

My advice is whoever would like to become an email marketing manager should brush up other digital marketing skills such as PPC, SEO, SMM, SEM, to become a digital marketing executive.

Digital marketing jobs have a good scope in the future compared to stand-alone email marketing jobs.

5. Sales and Outreach Specialist:

The sales and outreach specialist should have good English proficiency and connection skills.

The job responsibility includes running email outreach campaigns, following up on the emails.

Usually, the employer doesn’t require educational qualification for this job like search engine evaluator work but need the experience to work from home or a remote location.

How to Find Email Marketing Jobs from Home:

These are the few ways you can follow to find email marketing jobs to work from home.

You can apply for the email marketing job based on your skillset. If you’re new to email marketing, I recommend you to take a course on email marketing.

1. Remote Email Marketing jobs:

The remote job is kind of working for an employer from home or any remote place as an employee.

Most of the remote email marketing job requires job seekers to be experienced since they can’t train you.

So, if you’re an experienced email marketer, you can apply for remote email marketing jobs from home on remote job sites like SmartWorkersHome.

Go to the job board and search for email marketing jobs, hundreds of jobs related to email marketing and digital marketing would have been posted by hundreds of employers around the world.

Find the email marketing job and click the job to find the job requirements, specifications, etc.

Apply for the email marketing job(s) that are relevant. The employer will contact you with further details.

Complete the interview and other preliminary processes to get hired as the email marketing specialist or other email marketing specialist.

You can also choose to refer jobs related to email marketing like digital marketing, email manager, content creation, etc.

2. Become a Freelance Email Marketer:

If you don’t wish to work as an employee for a company and like to work on your terms, you can become a freelancer.

In the case of a freelance email marketing job, you can sell email marketing services to the clients on the Fiverr marketplace.

The other preferred way is to get hired by the clients to work on freelance email marketing projects.

There will be no one to control freelancers regarding the work as long as the projects are completed within the time frame. So, this is one of the best jobs for the work from home moms who likes to work in flexible timing.

If you want to become a freelancer, here’s the guide on how to find freelance jobs.

3. Research Job Boards and B2B Social Media:

The job boards like, Glassdoor, LinkedIn are the sources to search for email marketing jobs full time and part-time.

You can find jobs on Jooble for email marketing, then you will have to follow the recruit procedures given by the employer.

In the case of LinkedIn, establish the connection(s), talk to the employer to find available jobs.

The job boards and the social media platform should be least considered for searching email marketing jobs from home.

Other Ways to Earn Money as Email Marketer:

Here is the list of make money ideas for email marketers.

4. Affiliate Marketing & Email Marketing:

If you’ve ever come across the word affiliate marketing, it’s one of the most profitable businesses on the internet.

Thousands of bloggers do affiliate marketing on their blogs to earn commission by generating leads and sales.

While the primary traffic will be driven to the affiliate offers from the blog, organic search, social media, etc. affiliate marketers do use email marketing to generate conversions by sending email newsletters to the subscribers.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, you will have to start a blog and send traffic to the affiliate marketing campaigns.

When the traffic grows, you must create an email database by collecting emails from your blog visitors.

Then you can add approved media to the affiliate offers in the email newsletters.

Since many email marketers are known to send spam emails, the affiliate networks have set strict rules for marketing affiliate offers via emails.

So, it’s the responsibility of the affiliate marketers to read the instructions and uses only approved ‘subject lines’ in the email newsletters.

Affiliate marketing through email newsletters is recommended only for advanced affiliate marketers who are considered the brand and know how to run effective affiliate marketing campaigns via email newsletters without spamming.

5. Get Paid to Read Email:

Few misunderstand Get paid to read email with email marketing jobs.

Email marketing is something advanced and different compared to paid to read programs.

The Get paid to read sites pay the users for reading emails while email marketing is the process of running marketing campaigns.

There’s nothing to be confused with paid to read and email marketing. The paid to read programs are similar to the paid to click programs that are only available for the residents of USA, UK, and few tier – 1 countries.

They pay $0.05 for reading an email with a maximum of 3 emails sent per day.

Pros and Cons of Email Marketing Jobs:

  • Email marketing is considered as one of the best one on one marketing for decades.
  • Unlike other online jobs, email marketing jobs are easy.
  • Simple yet high paying job if you can attract potential client(s).
  • Remote email marketing jobs to work from home at flexible hours.
  • Email marketing jobs are one of the best jobs for freelancers.
  • Sticking with email marketing won’t help you grow. Should learn and implement other digital marketing techniques to adapt to technology.
  • A narrow job that might not bring career satisfaction.
  • Only skilled can survive intense competition. It’s not a job for everyone.
  • Email marketing might disappear in the future due to technological developments.

That’s all about the email marketing job, feel free to leave comments below to share your experience and get your queries answered.

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