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Get paid to GPT sites

Get paid to programs popularly known as GPT sites in the online jobs industry is what we discuss in this article. The Get paid to is one of the simplest money making programs on the internet. GPT sites help millions of internet users to earn money without any technical knowledge. While Online freelance jobs are considered a reliable way to make money online, it requires some good technical skills and experience to get hired. But, in the case of Get paid to sites, anyone can join their program and start making instantly. Many Get paid to users withdraw at least $10 on the first day itself. There are no other money making programs on the internet where you can earn the first dollar within a day. So, waste no time and get ahead to make hundreds!

Now you know that GPT sites are a reliable source to create an income opportunity without any technical knowledge. So, what are the ways money making opportunities do GPT sites have? Paid surveys, watching videos, data processing work, giving opinion, reading websites, affiliate program, paid search, product testing, mining cryptocurrency, answering questions, completing polls, listening to music, cash back for shopping, exploring the internet, reading emails, commenting on products & services etc. There are plenty more tasks available on the Get paid to sites. Every task listed here are easy to complete which will take not more than few minutes to finish.

Get paid to – Is it a Hype or it really works?

Before I started my online work career, it was GPT sites that helped me to pay my internet bill while I was on college. It helped me to kick start my online business with confidence. The Get paid to sites are not only the rewarding programs but also the community that helps you to grow as you earn.

I’ve earned more than $20000 from these rewarding sites and still continuing to earn. So, remember that Get paid to sites are not just an hype. It’s the only source people without technical skills depend on to earn money from home. Check my earnings in one of the GPT sites in this screenshot.

Paid to click sites $6000

GPT sites are smartphone compatible:

Worry if it is possible to earn money using mobile phone on GPT sites? The Get paid to sites listed below are 100% responsive. It means you can work on these sites using any devices PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Android smartphones, iPhone etc.

As smartphone users surpassed the desktop users in numbers, more earning features are added on GPT sites specifically for the smartphone users. Those tasks can be only completed using the smartphones. So, don’t hesitate to use your smartphone to check your account while you’re traveling.

Few GPT sites went one step ahead to develop money apps for the Android and iPhone users to directly earn money using the app and enjoy additional features such as notification, one touch access etc.

Some of the money making tasks in GPT sites explained(Skip if you know how to work on Get paid to sites):

It’s better to understand how to do various tasks in the GPT sites to earn money. So that you can start to work and withdraw your money within a day. These are the most important tasks available on the majority of GPT sites to earn money. Few tasks like watching videos, reading emails are very basic which are not explained here.

Paid surveys, Survey routers on GPT sites:

The paid surveys remain the most important earning option on the Get paid to site. The surveys are simple, reliable and high paying tasks on the GPT sites. So, what is paid survey? The online surveys are basic market research method to learn the people views about the products and services. The person who is taking the survey will be paid for spending time for giving their opinion.

To understand more clearly, let me explain you with an example. A gaming company conducts a survey about gaming experience to improve their services. In the survey, the survey taker has to answer several questions about their gaming experience such as “What are the devices you use for playing games?”, “Which of the following gaming devices do you own?”, “Which are the following games categories you’re interested in?” etc. The survey taker must choose the answers that apply to him. For example, the options for the first question will be, “PC, Smartphone, Gaming console, portable gaming device etc”. The options for the second question will be like “PS, Xbox, Wii, Gaming PC, PSP”. The survey taker should choose the answer after reading the questions carefully.

GPT sites paid surveys work

A survey might contain somewhere from 10 to 25 questions on average and takes 5 to 20 minutes to complete. Once the survey is completed, the survey taker will be paid instantly. Based on the length, time and category of the survey, the reward will vary from $0.50 to $3. Through reliable GPT site(s) listed below, one can earn more than $10 per day by completing surveys alone.

GPT sites paid surveys

Limitations in paid surveys:

Know the fact that all the members will no qualify for taking surveys. Because they will filter the members who don’t fit their requirements. For example, there is no use in making a person who doesn’t know anything about the games to take the gaming survey. So, if you’re new to paid surveys, remember that you might not get qualified to take a survey immediately. Continuously try to attempt taking surveys in order to get qualify for completing surveys to get paid. Also, based on the demographics the survey opportunities might vary for each user.

Paid micro jobs on GPT sites:

The micro jobs powered by Figure Eight are simple tasks that pay from a cent to few dollars for completing it with good accuracy. Unlike the paid surveys, the micro job opportunities are made the same in almost all the location around the world. The micro jobs will be like data processing, data entry work. Here are some of the examples of micro jobs on GPT sites – Exploring, finding, categorization, editing, translation, voice recording, proofreading, error spotting, checking policy violations, comparing images, transcription, finding data etc.

Get paid to tasks advanced

To help you understand how easy it is to do micro jobs, I’ve added an example above. This is the task related to “Finding the author of the article”. To complete this task, the worker has to click the link, go to the webpage and find if the given author is the author of that article. In the example given above, when I clicked the link, I found that Washington is the author of the article. So, the answer is marked as Yes. The tasks are so simple that even a school student can do it without any problem.

There is no limitation in the number of microtasks a member can complete. Micro jobs on GPT sites provide opportunity without any limit to earn money as long as accuracy is not a concern. The Microtasks will be available on in certain Get paid to sites. So, if you’re interested in doing microtasks read the description of the sites to find the availability of microtasks in it.

Get paid to shop:

Rather than looking for opportunities to earn money, it’s wise to save the money in your wallet before planning to earn. Few Get paid to sites creates opportunities to save money. Whether you shop online on e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay or you shop in stores and hypermarkets like Walmart, the GPT sites will help you to save hundreds of dollars for just following simple instructions while shopping.

Get paid to shop

Earn cash back for anything you purchase from daily needs such as Groceries, food, fitness products, cool drinks, coffee, movie tickets, clothes, Liquor, shoes to premium purchases like Airplane tickets, Hotel booking, etc. Find cash back offers and rebates on major brands such as Nike, Groupon, Amazon, Jet, Walmart, and more. These sites pay up to 40% cash back for shopping.

This Get paid to shop works in different ways on each GPT site. While few pay for scanning the receipt after completing the shopping, there are sites which pay for shopping directly using the link given in the account. Few apps pay just for scanning the barcodes of the products. Make use of these opportunities to save money in your hand.

OfferWalls – Third party offers on GPT sites:

Most of the GPT sites will have the OfferWalls installed in their sites to maximize the earnings of their members. The OfferWalls are the customized third-party networks filled with opportunities to earn money. Speaking about customized tasks, the OfferWall will automatically curate the earning opportunities near your location. The OfferWall will have regular offers like paid surveys, paid shopping etc. But, the OfferWall are very known for listing offer such as app installs, opt-in offers, free trials, paid to click, quiz, polls, paid games, sign up etc.

Offerwals on GPT sites

When you join the Get paid to sites, make use of the OfferWalls to find customized offers to increase the earning potential. Each OfferWall will have its own uniqueness listing out the offers, especially for the smartphone users. Explore the OfferWalls fully in order to find the best one for you.

If you’re new to GPT industry, now you might have understood some basics on Get paid to tasks. Remember there are just examples, there are tons of tasks available on GPT sites other than few listed above.

How to earn more money using GPT sites:

How much can I earn from GPT sites? It’s hard to answer this question. It depends on your demographics, time spent on the site. But, on average users earn a minimum of $5 per day spending less than an hour on the GPT site(s). Frequent Get paid to users earn even $30+ per day working on tasks. And remember that the MMO experts earn more than $100 per day on GPT sites with help of the affiliate program.

So, the earning capability depends on your approach towards the Get paid to program.

List of Best GPT sites to earn money completing tasks and offers:

Find the list of legit Get paid to sites below. These are best GPT sites fully tested by me personally. Every site listed here will have unique features and they pay on time. Read the GPT sites reviews and it is recommended to join multiple GPT sites since it’s you who can find which site(s) works best for you.

1. Clixsense:

The Clixsense is the best Get paid to site ever. Clixsense was started in 2007 by a company based on USA. Clixsense has paid over $35 million to its members on time. If you’re looking to start your online job career or if you looking for opportunities, the Clixsense will be the best option to go. Clixsense has partnered with market research companies and CPA advertisers to provide maximum opportunity to make money on their site.

Clixsense GPT site review

Previously, Clixsense used to by the number one paid to click site, but in the later period, they decided to expand their site as adding new earning features. The new business model too made them the industry leader again as the number one international GPT site. Clixsense allows workers from almost all the countries except a few.

Clixsense offers & tasks to earn money:

The main earning feature of Clixsense is the surveys. You can find hundreds of survey opportunities every day on Clixsense. Clixsense makes sure that the surveys are relevant by asking you to complete your profile. So, if you’re fed up with screenouts on survey panels and other GPT sites, Clixsense is going to be a surprise. The screenout ratio will be very less on Clixsense for the accounts with correct profile information. Clixsense pays $0.50 to $5 per survey. Don’t miss the ClixResearch premium surveys which pay up to $200. Clixsense also has survey routers of top market research companies to search for survey availability manually when main surveys are not available for your account. Clixsense is the only GPT site that is going to help you earn 24/7.

Apart from surveys, Clixsense has partnered with Figure Eight which is known to provide micro jobs. Also, find OfferWalls of major advertising companies on Clixsense such as Adscend Media, Adgate Media, etc. ClixOffers is the property of Clixsense with offers that pay for watching videos, listening to radio and more. Check the Clixsense account daily to find the new opportunities posted every day.

Additional features in Clixsense to earn more money:

Clixsense has the best affiliate program compared to other GPT sites. They pay up to 30% referral commission for referring new members to their site. Make use of the referral program to earn money without working. Top Clixsense users earn money only using their affiliate program.

Clixsense pays up to 16% daily bonus for members who complete a minimum of two surveys or five Figure Eight tasks. So, if you earn $300 per month, you will get $348 at the end of the month. $48 for free just for completing the daily checklist. The bonus will be added to your account at the end of the day.

Clixsense conducts the weekly contest for members who complete tasks. The top 10 members completing a higher number of tasks will receive $200 contest prize in total. So, if you have plans to put hard work, expect more income on Clixsense.

Install Clixaddon available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to get notified whenever new surveys and tasks are available for you.

Clixsense payments:

To get paid, you must sign up on any one of these payment processors. Clixsense pay it’s users through Payoneer, Skrill, Dwolla, Tango Card, Check(USA, Canada). The minimum payment is $10.

2. Swagbucks:

The Swagbucks is one of the largest rewarding programs in the world operated by Prodege LLC started its journey on 2005. They have paid millions of dollars to their community with 15 million members over time as cash and gift cards. Unlike Clixsense, Swagbucks works great for residents from tier – 1 countries. Swagbucks has great features to both earn money and save money using PC or smartphone.

Swagbucks GPT site

You can earn money on Swagbucks by completing surveys, shopping, watching videos, answering polls, completing micro tasks, searching the web. The Gold survey section in Swagbucks curates personalized surveys to its members and in addition, they pay limited time bonus for each survey. The daily surveys powered by PeanutLabs on Swagbucks will help you to find surveys in the case if there are no Golden surveys. Update your profile regularly to find relevant survey invitations in your account. Swagbucks had made it easy to update the profile and they pay 2SB for answering 10 profile questions.

Don’t forget to check the “Deals of the day” section to find the deals available for you to save money. Swagbucks have installed the OfferWalls of TrialPay, Adscend Media, AdGate Media, Fyber, Revenue Universe, RadiumOne to unlock your earning potential.

Earn bonus in two ways on Swagbucks. Set a daily goal and achieve it to earn a bonus. And complete your To do list to earn an additional bonus in the daily basis. Answer daily polls, attempt and complete a Gold survey, search & discover the deals to complete To do list. The affiliate program of Swagbucks is not so interesting.

Swagbucks payments:

Swagbucks have created its own digital currency called SB(Swagbucks). The SB can be redeemed for PayPal cash and gift cards of major brands like Amazon, Walmart, Steam, Facebook, Flipkart etc. The payment method will vary based on your country. The minimum payout is $5. Earn $10 free bonus upon sign up.

3. Get-Paid: is owned by Sight Media Inc. Get-paid has been providing online market research since 2005. They have paid over $400000 worth cash and gift vouchers. Get-paid made their program interesting by adding additional features like badges, experience. Join Get-paid to have fun and make money.

Get-paid is like regular Get paid to site with opportunities like paid survey, Figure Eight micro jobs, OfferWall etc. It’s how they have presented makes it easy to work and earn money on their website. Increase the XP to level up and win badges. When members reach a higher level, they can unlock premium offers and tasks. Similarly, leveling up will increase the bonus up to 15%.

Get-paid runs monthly contest to pay $50 in total for top 10 members who earned most coins. Soon Get-paid will be adding the monthly and weekly contest. Apart from these Get-paid has an interesting referral program that pays 2 level commission. Earn a total of 40% referral commission by referring your friends. Win a prize of 10,000 points buying tickets to participate in monthly Sweepstakes entries.

The coins can be redeemed for cash and gift cards. Get-paid is the only GPT site that pays through Western Union. If there is a Western Union outlet in your place, just redeem the coins to collect the cash in local currency. Get-paid also pays Bitcoin. Apart from these, redeem your coins for Amazon, Walmart, Steam, iTunes, Starbucks, JCPenny, GooglePlay, Target gift cards. Else withdraw your money using any one of these payment processors PayPal, PerfectMoney, or Webmoney.

4. InstaGC:

The InstaGC is a premium Get paid to site started on 2011 by Day Online Solutions LLC. InstaGC’s services vary based on the geographical location. It would be interesting to work in InstaGC to earn money and learn things from their community. The website is fully responsive and the pages can be customized according to the user needs. InstaGC boasts that members earn 500 to 2000 points per day on average. InstaGC is the only GPT site that has 375+ gift cards to choose.

InstaGC Get paid to site

Earn money on InstaGC by completing surveys, watching videos, doing micro tasks, visiting sites, shopping online, installing apps, signing up for trials, searching the web and more. Once you join set a goal in your account so that InstaGC will help you to reach the destination ASAP. InstaGC also has mystery shopping option to earn money attending calls. However, this option is very less and available on in certain locations.

InstaGC pays 5% bonus for working on Saturdays and Sundays. Be an active member to increase the bonus numbers each day. Also, check the chatbox regularly to find free coupons to earn more, the first to see will get the chance to grab it. InstaGC pays 10% referral commission and 10 points per referral. Unlike the GPT sites listed above, InstaGC might be little bit confusing to the beginners. So, take time to read their Guide.

To create an account on InstaGC, a verified PayPal account is a must which is not possible in China and Vietnam. Only after authorizing InstaGC connection to the PayPal account, the earning options will be unlocked.

Withdraw your earnings as cash through PayPal, eCheck, Direct Deposit, Visa card. Redeem points for gift cards of 375 brands around the world.

5. Chinchbucks:

Chinchbucks is unit of Chinch Data solutions Pvt limited based on India. Since ever Chinchbucks have been started, it started to grow its community to reach one million users. Chinchbucks is very user-friendly and one of the best Get paid to sites for the beginners. Find surveys of big market research companies like Survey sampling, CINT international etc on Chinchbucks.

Chinchbucks rewarding site

Chinchbucks lists customized survey offers on their site based on the user profile. Get paid for completing surveys, offers, watching videos and more. Chinchbucks has a lot of cashback offers for online shopping, buying products and services. Earn a flat 5% cashback on Amazon. Install Chinchbucks addon to get notifications about new offers.

Chinchbucks have created a custom currency similar to Swagbucks called CB(Chinchbucks). A minimum of 1000CB required for redemption. Get paid via PayPal, Visa® prepaid card, Payza or redeem CB for gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, eBay, Target, Appstore.

Since Chincbucks is a rewarding site from India, the Indian members have extra withdraw options including Paytm, Standard bank Direct deposit using UPI and gift cards of major Indian brands Pantaloons, Flipkart, Big Bazaar, Cleartrip, Shoppers Stop,, PVR Cinemas.

6. MyPoints:

MyPoints is a unique GPT site works great for people who are looking for shopping and cash back offers. This site is owned by Prodege LLC. which also own Swagbucks. MyPoints is launched with the latest interface and unique offers to make the most out of it. MyPoints is available only for members from USA and Canada.

MyPoints Get paid to shop deals cashback

If you’re a frequent online shopper, then Mypoints will help you to save hundreds of dollars every month. Shop through MyPoints in over 1900 shops online and earn points for your purchases. Also, earn points for voucher purchases. While MyPoints is a best GPT site for shopping cash back, you can also earn money by giving the opinion, reading emails, watching videos, search the web, exploring deals, discovering content, playing games and more.

The MyPoints referral program is profitable. Get up to $20 instant commision when your referral spends a minimum of 750 points and 10% commision when they earn money. The MyPoints Get paid to mobile app for Android and iPhone helps to discover the opportunities in one touch.

The minimum payout reward is $3. Redeem your points for physical and e-Gift cards of top retail and restaurant brands. In the case of cash withdrawal, you can use PayPal or Visa Prepaid card.  Using MyPoints to add travel miles to your United MileagePlus account.

7. Cashcrate:

Cashcrate is one of the leading GPT sites in the world owned by Cashcrate LLC started in 2006. With the trust of 7 million members worldwide, Cashcrate still continues to pay its members on time. Since the Cashcrate is old there need some changes to stay ahead of the competition.

Cashcrate GPT site reviews

Cashcrate is a genuine GPT site that pays for taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, completing OfferWall tasks and more. Cashcrate has four survey sections including the reliable Tapresearch to help the users to find surveys. There are many actions based offers on Cashcrate to earn money by completing offers.

The downside and the upside of Cashcrate is its level program. The Upside is, the loyal members will enjoy premium features on Cashcrate such as more referral commission, unlock payment options. But there is a downside where the level one new user can only withdraw their earnings through Check. To unlock PayPal and other options, the members should work on referring active referrals. There are four levels in Cashcrate Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Elite. The Elite level members can earn 30% referral commission and get the highest preference.

Participate in contests to earn bonus. The minimum payout is $20 for the beginners. Get paid through Check and PayPal.

8. Makeculous:

Makeculous is a modern Get paid to site started on 2016 by Novacz. It provides opportunity for the Get paid to users all around the world to earn money completing simple tasks. Makeculous is responsive and user-friendly helps to earn money using internet connected devices.

Makeculous GPT site

Makeculous do not list personalized surveys instead, they have listed a lot of major survey routers to find surveys. So, Makeculous users can check out for the availability of surveys throughout the day. The RevenueWall is a unique OfferWall available on Makeculous will list surveys relevant to your profile. Apart from surveys, Makeculous has installed OfferWalls of top networks such as Adscend Media,, SaySo Rewards, Grab Rewards, etc.

The MinuteStaff wall on Makeculous is a unique OfferWall that has the simplest tasks. It pays the users for watching content, exploring sites, reading emails, etc. If you’re the one totally tired of survey screenouts on GPT sites, try Makeculous to find different types of simple tasks. Watch videos to earn money. Claim Coinhive rewards to earn money by solving captchas.

Makeculous pays 10% referral commission. Participate in weekly contests in order to earn the free bonus. When your account has a minimum balance of $10, you can withdraw your money using PayPal or Bitcoin. However, you need a Coinbase account to withdraw in Bitcoins.


Pros and Cons of Get paid to sites:
  • Earn without technical knowledge, experience – No qualification required.
  • Get paid to sites are legitimate and easiest option for Online job seekers.
  • No registration fees asked to join GPT sites.
  • Best online job for students, moms, homemakers.
  • GPT users earn $5 to $10 on average spending a few hours per day.
  • These sites not only help to earn money but also to save money.
  • The affiliate programs of GPT sites helps you to earn without working. Top affiliate makes more than $100 per day on GPT sites.
  • GPT sites are considered better than the survey panels since Get paid to sites is simply a collection of survey offers from multiple market research companies.
  • Each GPT site has its unique features and offers in addition to paid surveys.
  • Withdraw your earnings to the bank account using PayPal, Check and other payment processors.
  • In case if you wish not to handle cash rewards, redeem points for gift cards of major brands.
  • On the whole, GPT sites can be called the master collections of online jobs.
  • GPT sites might not work great for everyone.
  • Many users get screenout while attempting to take surveys.
  • Get paid to works best for people from tier- 1 countries like USA, Canada, Australia.
  • Beginners often get confused with GPT sites and leave it without making even a dollar.
  • Though it can help to earn money, these sites cannot provide full-time guaranteed income.

Now, you would have got an idea about GPT sites and how to earn money on those sites. Join those GPT sites and share your experience below with other readers. Also, Feel free to check out more online jobs from home without investment.

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