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LifePoints Panel is the brand new survey panel which is the outcome of merging two most established survey panels, the Global Test Market and MySurveys. Previously as a mobile money app, LifePoints was operating as a rewards program for the smartphone with limited functions. Now LifePoints is open to the millions of potential market research enthusiasts with tons of new opportunities. Feel free to read this LifePoints Review to find how LifePoints Panel can be a reliable one for you to earn money taking surveys.


About LifePoints Surveys:

LifePoints is operated by the Lightspeed LLC across 70 countries which have been ranked as the world’s largest provider of custom research & analysis. It is the home to 5 million users from all over the world who contribute their opinion to influence products and services.

LifePoints Review:

LifePoints surveys Review

The Global Test Market has been one of the leading survey panels in the world processing consumer research into useful information.

Consumer research is the process of collecting the consumers’ opinion on various elements.

The collected data would be used to form useful insights that will be helpful to improve the future world and technology.

The Global Test Market and MySurvey now merged to form LifePoints to take the market research to the next level.

LifePoints Demographics:

LifePoints accepts members from the age of 16 from over 50 countries including the USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand, South American countries, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, major European countries, etc.

Like the Opinion World, LifePoints offer customized services in selected regions such as taking surveys in the national language(s) instead of default English and redeeming LifePoints for rewards exclusive in the region.

LifePoints Surveys:

LifePoints Survey

LifePoints is the survey Panel where you can earn money by taking surveys. As opposed to face to face surveys, the LifePoints surveys are easy to take that needs no technical skills needed.

Usually, LifePoints invite their members to take surveys via email. The email will consist of the link to take the survey and the reward information.

All you have to do is click the link to start the survey. Initially, LifePoints might ask you to answer the screen out questions to find if you’re relevant to take the survey and to filter the cheaters.

Once qualified, you can take the main survey, complete it to get the rewards.

LifePoints advises its users to stay up to date by updating their profile often since they rely on the information to send the survey invitation. Also, the updated profile will ensure that only the survey invitations for relevant surveys are sent to the users.

LifePoints Survey Categories:

Find surveys in almost all the topics only on LifePoints.

While I’ve taken surveys in several survey panels like YouGov, Swagbucks, Clixsense, Toluna, it’s LifePoints where I enjoyed taking surveys from different topics.

Find surveys from the basic topics like Mobile phone, Internet, LifeStyle, Bikes & Cars, Food, Travel, etc. to the advanced Information Technology, Fitness, Airline, Hotel, Politics, etc.

Again make sure to update your preferences in your profile to let LifePoints know about the type of surveys you’d like to take.

How many Survey invitations we may receive from LifePoints:

I’ve part of several survey panels for years. The LifePoints is the only survey panel that sends at least a few survey invitations per day.

I’d never start a day without seeing the LifePoints Survey invitation in my email inbox.

So what? This is a piece of great news for people who’re looking to make a reliable income by taking surveys.

However, I advise you to join multiple survey panels to test the top survey sites that work best in your region.

Screenout rates on LifePoints:

The survey screenouts are the greatest headache for the survey takers. Getting kicked out of the survey initially or in the middle will be irritating.

While screenout due to cheating is fine, getting screened out at the middle with the reason of irrelevance could create a bad impression over the paid surveys. Too many screenouts are the first reason why most of the people quit taking surveys in the first place.

LifePoints deals with this problem very well, by inviting the survey takers only to take part in the relevant study.

LifePoints Survey Rewards:

LifePoints Surveys

The LifePoints survey rewards vary based on the time taken to complete the survey. Here’s the rewards information,

Earn 30 LifePoints completing 5-7 minutes survey.

Make 45 LifePoints completing 10 minutes survey.

Get more than 65 Lifepoints completing surveys that take 15 mins.

Earn 100 Lifepoints completing surveys that take 30 minutes.

Some of the surveys even pay 500 LifePoints.

LifePoints Product Testing:

Occasionally LifePoints will send diaries to the members to record the habits and behavior.

The members might have to spend a week to complete the daily routine survey. Get up to 500 points by completing this survey.

In the case, if there are products available for testing, LifePoints will mail the product to the mailing address.

Get free products and at the same time earn higher rewards by taking part in the LifePoints product testing feature.

LifePoints Prize draw:

LifePoints is operating prize draw feature in selected countries. Checkout LifePoints website in your country for more information about LifePoints Sweepstakes and prize draw.

LifePoints app:

Previously, the LifePoints app was discontinued when GTM and MySurveys merged to form LifePoints Panel.

While the LifePoints surveys can be answered using the mobile browsers, if you’re looking to make money using mobile phone, just check out the top money making apps for mobile phone.

LifePoints Payments:

As said already, LifePoints offers a customized payment solution for members from various countries.

Here is the default payment option available for the LifePoints users,

PayPal, Amazon gift card, iTunes gift card, Starbucks e-voucher, etc.

Similarly, the points LifePoints to USD conversion too varies based on the region. Check out the conversion rate after signing up.

LifePoints Referral Program:

The LifePoints referral program is available only in the selected regions. Feel free to check out if the referral program is available in your region.

In the case of availability, ensure to make use of the referral program to earn extra money by referring your friends.

Pros and Cons of LifePoints Panel:
  • LifePoints is operated by one of the most established market research company with a great history.
  • Survey takers can expect a high-quality experience from LifePoints.
  • Reliable survey panel.
  • New users receive 10 points upon sign up.
  • More survey invitations to earn more money.
  • Decent pay per survey rates.
  • LifePoints surveys are relevant and interesting.
  • High paying premium surveys and product testing available on LifePoints.
  • Low screenout rate ensures the higher survey completion success rate.
  • LifePoints services are available in over 27 languages.
  • Customized rewards based on the country.
  • Beginner-friendly website and design.
  • Users complain that the accounts are being deleted for no reason.
  • Poor customer support.
  • No mobile survey app. The LifePoints app has been discontinued for some reason.
LifePoints Review – Final Words about LP Surveys:

The LifePoints is operated by the well-established market research company in the world. So, LifePoints is purely legit survey panel and there is zero possibility for it to become a scam.

Speaking about the quality of LifePoints as a survey panel, you got a chance to take a lot of surveys most of which you will qualify. Pay per survey is pretty decent compared to other survey panels.

Besides, LifePoints need to address a few issues such as banning members without proper reasoning, should improve their customer support.

In conclusion, LifePoints is eligible to be placed on the top 5 position of the best survey panels list.


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