Online jobs from home without investment to earn money

Online jobs from home without investment

Online jobs are the last bit of confidence for the people who are suffering to make money in their life. With survival has become very worst since 21st century for the mid-end people to sustain in this competitive world, the online jobs are here provide the remedy! Even if one has the urge to earn with skills loaded inside, the opportunities are not created same in the regular jobs. The internet is the place where each and every person in the world has got the equal opportunity. I promise that you will definitely make enough money putting little effort into your skills. Take me as an example started to work online with zero expectation and skyrocketed to thousands of dollars within few years. I’ve got tons of experience in making money online; here to share you some of the best online jobs without investment to earn money from home.

So, you’re now ready to set your butt in front of the computer for hours. Is this going to help you to earn online? Definitely no! As much as the internet provides the opportunities to earn money online it sinks the dream of the people who don’t use their brain properly. 90% of the internet is filled with crap and nothing more than that. It’s important to research, analyze the online job opportunities properly before getting into something very blindly. Internet articles and videos will make us believe in crap burying the real content that proves value. This article is going to preach some truth about making money online listing some of the real online jobs without investment.


The word research is one of the important keys for the internet users. Keep on re”searching” the internet, like the skin allows only 1% water to get in our body, allow only the ideas with value into your brain. Sit, think for hours before hitting external useless job sites recommended by the craps. Ripe the fruit of success within months.

Words of Hell:

These are the sweet words on the internet that are going to help you to get into hell ASAP! “Quick rich”, “Speed”, “Free tools to earn $10000 per month”, “Shortcuts”, “List only for you” etc. In my initial experience, these are phrases I came across throughout the internet and even tried a few among these. Failure!

Word of Truth – reg Online jobs:

Even if you can put full effort into working online it would take at least one to three months to feel the difference and up to a year to make a real profit. This does not apply to the professionals where clients are waiting in the row to hire them for thousands of dollars. The word of truth applies to all other people who got no idea how to earn money online re’searching’ the internet for ideas.

Online jobs from home without investment:

As said earlier, I’ve got tons of experience in earning money online. I’ve filtered few from hundreds of ways to earn money online. Few mentioned here needs minimum investment and many are online jobs without investment. I’ve categorized the online job ideas into few sections from harder to the easier one to make it simple to choose one that suits your interest. Make a note that the harder the online job is the high revenue it can generate.

Online jobs from home without investment

Harder section – Online work from home to earn money:

1. Blogging(skip this if you can’t spend 5 hours per day for at least 6 months):

The blogging is the single most powerful online job on the internet. More than an online job it can be called the online business where the blogger does not have to depend on a company or an owner to get paid. We have full control over what we do, how much we earn or lose. The blogging is the reliable online business which helps the bloggers to earn 5 figure income every month.

So, what is a blog? The blog is an information source maintained by the blogger. In simple words this website currently you’re using is a blog. This blog gives information regarding MMO products and services.

The blogger’s sole intention is to publish useful content to their readers. Usually, the content published will be available free to the readers. Since bloggers don’t collect any subscription fees for using their blog, they monetize the blog with advertisements. The bloggers earn money using the ads published on their site and at the same time able to pass on their knowledge to the readers.

Since the internet is open source, anyone can start their own blog publish some valuable content to the people who are in need of help and earn money in turn by placing advertisements on their site. This just sounds like eating a piece of the sweet pie. But, the process of starting a blog and growing the reader base will take months to achieve. Even bloggers with full involvement suffer to succeed. If you want to succeed in blogging, you must work hard plus work smart.

Start blogging:

Blogging online jobs to earn money

I don’t want to get too much technical here in the list of online jobs without investment. Here is the what you need if you’re interested in blogging,

  • Expertise in a niche. The blogger should have a good knowledge about what he is going to write.
  • The blogger should have good language skills.
  • Ability to convince the readers to believe in your words.
  • More than a blog, the bloggers should be able to build the relationship with the readers. Branding!
  • Blogging is all about learning, should have an interest in learning things to be updated.
  • All bloggers don’t know how to manage the blog while starting it, however they will manage to learn blogging especially the digital marketing technical side to build the number of visitors to their blog. A good knowledge in the niche is going to help in publishing articles but it is important to develop technical webmaster knowledge to convert skills into money.
  • Patience is required a lot for the bloggers, it will take several months to see a minimum development. While experts can do it within months, novice bloggers can’t dream about it.

Starting a blog doesn’t need technical knowledge and it’s just like starting a Facebook account. Interested in blogging? Here is the detailed guide for beginners, How to start a blog?

2. Freelancing:

Freelance online jobs without investment

The online freelance jobs available on the internet are the best online jobs without investment. The freelance jobs helped the freelancers to earn thousands of dollars every month. While blogging is a game of cards where the success rate is really lesser, freelance jobs are very promising. The freelance sites give the opportunity for the freelancers for the free of cost.

So, what is freelancing? Getting self-employed by creating own opportunities without depending on the employer for salary. Freelance jobs will help to earn money ten times more for the job you do freelance instead for an employer. At the same time, there will be no guaranteed money in freelance jobs like we get the salary. The Freelance job is all about opportunities, the more effort we put, the more money we can earn.

The working of freelance sites goes like this, the freelance site acts as the organizer to connect the potential clients to the freelancers. The Freelancers can find the relevant clients to work on their projects and the clients can find potential freelancers to get their job done. To minimize the cost and to get connected with greatest talents in the world, the clients approach the freelance sites which are already crowded with potential freelancers. They will connect the top-rated freelancers and pay them for completing their projects. The clients won’t hesitate to pay even $100 per hour for the perfect freelancers.

At the same time, many clients post their projects on the job board. The freelancers can apply for the job to get the contract. With hundreds of freelancers on the list of appliers, the clients will carefully review the profile and portfolio of the freelancers before hiring the best. In this case, the freelancer will be paid with the promised sum at the end of the contract.

Get a freelance job without investment:

Am I eligible for doing the freelance job? The Freelancing will not suit everyone who wishes to do it. The freelancer should have certain qualities to work part-time and earn money. The main requirement is the skills the freelancer has. The freelancer should have an extreme set of skills to get the contract. Here are some of the categories in which clients hire freelancers – Web development, search engine optimization, animation, video editing, audio tech & voiceovers, business administration, marketing, programming & technology, lifestyle,  advertising, etc.

To start the freelance career, it is recommended not to quit the full-time job instead get started and decide it based on the response from the clients. If you’re confident enough to work as a freelancer, get ahead and find the online freelance jobs!

3. YouTuber:

YouTube online jobs to earn money from home

Starting a YouTube Channel is one of the best online jobs without investment to earn money from home. The YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing website where anyone can share their videos to promote their content to millions of users worldwide. YouTube gives privilege to the people who share videos on their YouTube channel to become their partner. The YouTube partner program is available for the YouTubers to earn money by monetizing their videos. YouTube is an open platform and all the YouTube users are eligible for their partner program. The thing is the videos uploaded to the channel should not violate the YouTube community guidelines.

The first question arises in our mind is “Am I worthy enough to create a video?”, the answer is definitely ‘YES’! While we talk about creating YouTube videos, do not think only the videos where people talk in front of the screen. There are a lot of ways to create interesting content other than the screen jockey, video explainer. Some of the examples which everyone can do is capturing pictures of trains, bikes, airplane in the way kids love, screen recording, whiteboard animation, prank videos, singing, playing musical instruments, tutorial videos, FPS gameplay, meme, nature videos etc. You will be able to create at least any of these types or think about something that you can other than stealing or copying others content. Whatever you do just make it perfect and unique that the visitors should be able to see the video till the final second.

So what now? Now you know a glance how YouTube works and how to earn money without investment. Unlike blogging which requires a lot of hard work to attract visitors by doing several optimizations, the YouTube is very simple and once YouTube finds your video interesting from the stats of user experience, automatically ranks the video, recommends the videos to its user. Continue to upload at least 3 videos per week, see money flowing into your YouTube account daily.

YouTube provides reliable online jobs without investment, people who are using it properly earn five figure income every month. If you’re interested in starting a YouTube channel, here is the detailed tutorial for you on how to become a successful YouTuber to earn from home.

4. Online courses:

Earn money taking online courses from home

Just think if you’re great at teaching something, if yes then this is for you. Online courses, writing ebooks, are the professional and most respected online jobs. This might require some investment or can be done without investment based on the type of online courses prepared. Setting up the online courses and writing eBooks are best online jobs that fit work from home moms, students looking to earn part time, teachers who are looking for extra income.

Nowadays people prefer online courses compared to the regular offline courses since online courses are flexible, cheap, choosing best authors & teachers worldwide, availability of reviews, money back guarantee, choices to choose customized courses etc.

Online courses are pre-prepared one where the users pay subscription fees to use the course materials or live online courses teaching online. The ebooks are a great option to sell courses with one-time fees where the user can download the copy and save it to his/her hard drive.

Setting up the online courses are not easier as we think. It requires a lot of time, hard work, and assistance from the technical part. But once set up it is powerful enough to change us. To make you understand clearly, the difference between online and offline courses is that offline courses are live and the people taking the courses will be limited in numbers. Though the teacher can charge more fees to the students, they have to continuously spend time teaching each and every day. But in the case of online courses, the study materials are recorded and it can be sold to an unlimited number of people once completed for 10% of the original price charged offline.

So, teaching offline to 20 students charging $100 each per month will fetch you $2000. But the same course subscribed by 1000 students online for $10 will fetch $10000. Also, the fact to be considered that preparing online courses take more time initially but once done there is no going back. But, offline courses are the time-consuming process. When things upgrades as the time passes, don’t forget to update the courses.

If you’ve got something interesting to teach, then set up an online course to earn money from home. Learn how to create an online course to make money from home.

Easier section – Online jobs without investment:

5. Market research – online surveys:

The online surveys are one of the easiest online jobs to earn money without investment. The online survey jobs are directly related to the market research industry works on analyzing the thoughts and views of end users. The market research companies conduct surveys to collect the raw data, thoughts, views from the survey takers and pay them with cash rewards & gift cards for spending their valuable time completing the survey.

Taking a paid survey is a kind of choosing the best answer. The survey taker has to mark the relevant answer(s) among the set of answers for the given question. Here is an example for you to understand how to take the online survey. This is the survey related to internet usage,

Online survey jobs without investment

In this survey, it is asked: “How often do you watch videos online?” where the user must read the choices carefully and mark the relevant answer. After answering the question, the next button has to be clicked to answer other questions. At the end of the survey, after clicking the finish button the cash will be instantly credited to the user account.

This survey was actually conducted to study the usage of YouTube. This survey was conducted among the wide range of people at different ages, demographics. The data will be collected and will be processed as information in order to research, improve and develop their service.

Coming back to the survey job, the survey taker can earn from $0.50 to $5 by completing the survey and can earn up to $200 for premium surveys, trails. It will take 5 to 30 minutes to complete the survey. By taking 5 – 10 surveys per day, you can earn up to $25. The downside of the survey job is that the availability of the survey will be higher only for the people from tier – 1 countries. $25 per day is only possible for those users and in the case of tier – 3 countries, it still remains a dream.

By getting memberships from market research company with the good reputation, get paid instantly through PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Check etc. Few sites might have the option to redeem cash for gift cards. Here is the list of best sites that provides online survey jobs.

6. Paid to click:

People who are searching for some online jobs without investment on the internet would have definitely come across an industry called the paid to click. The paid to click is one of the largest industry on the internet which provides online jobs to earn money from home.

If you’re a PTC user already the one million dollar question arises in the mind will be “Is PTC worth it?”. It’s really hard to answer and it is yes/no. It’s in your hand to choose the answer. Undoubtedly, my answer is yes since the paid to click sites alone helped me to earn $20000 in 2 years and I’m still earning a lot. That’s a lot of money and even you could earn if you’ve to choose Yes.

Coming into Paid to click, it’s the simplest job on the internet. The PTC sites pay its worker(s) for visiting the advertiser’s webpage which promotes digital products and services. In simple, you get paid for watching web ads. Is it possible to earn thousands of dollars just by watching websites? Yes! continue to learn in detail about paid to click.

7. Data entry jobs:

Data entry jobs are one of the most famous online jobs and it is the most searched job on the internet. From its name it can be easily understood that data entry is processing data from one form to another form which includes digitalization of data(entering data from paper into Microsoft® Word, Excel etc), translating data from one language to another language, transferring digital data, proofreading, transcription, human intelligence tasks like image to text conversion, captcha entry jobs, answering questions on expertise, forum posting etc.

The data entry jobs are easy jobs but hard to find a reliable data entry job on the internet due to the huge amount of spamming and scams. Many scammers use the opportunity of high job requests to collect registration fees and cheat without giving a data entry job to the person who paid money. Actually, data entry jobs are online jobs without registration fees. Legitimate online job sites do not charge any fees to join their site. Anyone can join data entry sites for free of cost and apply for the data entry jobs posted by the thousands of clients.

The jobs we speak here is the online data entry jobs. There are offline data entry jobs available in few places. The thing is it’s hard to find the clients who provide offline data entry jobs. The worker can directly contact the client regarding the details of offline data entry jobs and the payments. Most of the offline data entry jobs are kind of digitalization of the data.

One cannot earn thousands of dollars from data entry jobs since there is no risk. However, the data entry jobs help many internet users to earn hundreds of dollars every month. If you’re the one hate taking risks and have no ability to create your own ideas, it’s better to start working for data entry jobs.

8. Cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrency online jobs

The cryptocurrencies have shaken the world’s finance in the 21st century where many people have become millionaires within a year when the market reached its peak. Though one cannot become a millionaire* now, it’s not too late to invest time on cryptocurrencies.

What are cryptocurrencies? The cryptocurrencies are the peer to peer digital currencies that do not have any physical structure like USD but it has some value against USD i.e. the cryptocurrencies can be bought or sold for USD and other currencies. The cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any government organizations while they are operated by millions of users around worldwide confirming the transactions by the mining process.

There are several cryptocurrencies available now for public usage. The Bitcoin(BTC) was the first decentralized digital currency in the world found in 2008. When the BTC was found its value was equal to $1 while now the value of 1BTC is more than $10000. Now you would have got an idea of how people become the millionaire overnight selling BTC when it’s value reached the peak. Now the price volatility of BTC is low, the best time to earn BTC and wait for another best shot.

Other than BTC there are many valuable cryptocurrencies including hard fork of BTC the Bitcoin cash(BCH), Bitcoin Gold(BTG), Bitcoin core(BTX). The other mentionable cryptocurrencies are Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin(LTC), Zcash, Monero, Dogecoin etc.

There are high restrictions in finding an online job that pays USD. But, the cryptocurrencies has changed the entire world of making money online by opening plenty of opportunities for internet users to start the online business, accumulate cryptocurrencies by doing simple jobs, online trading etc. The cryptocurrencies can be instantly sold for local currency on crypto markets. I started using cryptocurrencies very late but I’m not too late. I made $50000 worth cryptocurrencies till now. The value of my wallet was very less initially, but the boom in 2016 multiplied its value over 1000 times. Still, I receive crypto payments waiting to sell it after the next hike. If you’re tired of all old school PTCs, data entry, blogging why don’t you give a shot at cryptocurrencies. Learn how to earn cryptocurrencies.

9. Online seller:

Want to be your own boss or want to make money while you’re on job? The online seller business is the right choice. It is estimated that the online stores have matched the sale percentage of the physical stores already and soon online stores will reach the peak. When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos beat the legend of 21st century Bill Gates becoming world’s richest, things are serious now. If you’re serious enough to understand the growth online selling industry, you’re on the way to earn thousands of dollars from home.

Setting up an online store is easy and does not require major investment if the plan is small enough. Online sellers are earning a lot of money from home putting very little initial effort and managing the orders as the business grows is not going to be too hard. Starting an online store is a vast topic and here is the step by step guide to start an online store from home.

10. Social Media money:

Ever wondered – the social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest can help you make money from home? Yes! people are making money using social media. Usually, social media users use it to stay connected with friends, follow the celebrities, shows, stay up to date etc. But the truth is social media can also be used to make some money from home. However, the fact is social media are not money making machines for all the users. It can help to generate some to manage monthly bills.

Social media marketing, advertising, sponsored content, building fan base, paid likes comments, affiliate marketing is some of the proven ways to earn money on the social media. To make things work a lot of smart work is needed. You must work out the plans in a unique way that other can’t even imagine. Each social media has a different set of methods to earn money and the same practice is not going to work everywhere.

Social medias are not the solid option to earn money, but it is one of the options for the people to be considered who are looking for online jobs without investment. If you’re interested in social media money, learn how to make money on social media in different ways.

List of scam online jobs you need to avoid….

Online jobs scams

Now you know the list of legitimate online jobs without investment. But the more important thing is you must also know the list of fake online jobs that you must avoid. Here is the list of online jobs which has higher risks of scamming.

1. Ponzi schemes:

The Ponzi schemes are the risky money-making schemes that target the people who are looking to make money part-time. Previously when the growth of the internet was low, the Ponzi scheme business targeted the local customers making false promises. The local businesses feared the government laws, so the numbers were very limited and operated underground. Since the rise of the internet, people from all around the world stay connected. Scammers use this opportunity to introduce Ponzi schemes to cheat people around the world who are fond of money.

The Ponzi schemes are specially created to attract the investors promising high profit for low investment. Usually, in these businesses, the old investors will be paid using the investment of new investors. The business will usually collapse at a certain stage when the amount paid to the senior investors gets higher than the amount invested by the investors. The business will be shut down at this stage where the senior investors would have enjoyed the profit, but others will lose their money.

Here is the list of Ponzi schemes that you must be aware of since these businesses usually target the people who are searching for online jobs to make money from home.

1.1 HYIPs: The HYIPs are the High-Yield Investment Program(s) that promises to pay high returns to the investors without a proper business done in the back-end. These businesses purely depend on the money from new investors to pay the senior members who have invested their money. These programs are highly unstable and will collapse within few months.

1.2 MLM: The MLM is the multi-level marketing program which uses an advanced method to cheat people. The MLM uses the same technique that HYIP programs use, but this is not purely an investment program. In the MLM business, they use a product sale to mask the Ponzi scheme. The profit sharing of this business will be based on investments and not product sales. So, as soon as the outgoing fund undermine the incoming fund the business will collapse.

1.3. Pyramid schemes: The pyramid schemes is a kind of MLM program where the investor will get the commission from his referrals. As the referral structure grows, the referee will earn more commission. The pyramid scheme will crash within few days to months when the size of base investors increases to the unstable state.

2. Revenue sharing:

The Revenue sharing sites were ruling the MMO industry for a while in the mid 10’s of the 21st century. Many senior investors have become millionaires from zero investing in the revenue sharing sites. The revenue sharing is the advertising cum investment program. To earn the profit the member has to buy advertisement package for a certain amount. The member will get certain advertising benefits such as banner credits, web credits etc. which can be used to promote their websites and services. The main thing to emphasize is the member will get 100% to 200% invested money back after few days.

The Traffic Monsoon regd. Utah, USA is the pioneer of the revenue sharing industry started by Charles Scoville. This company sold Ad packs worth $50. The member will receive $55 after 30 days with a 110% profit margin. Similarly, the referrer gets $5 when the referral purchases the Ad Packs. The Traffic monsoon had to pay $10 without any base business as profit for each Ad Pack. Traffic Monsoon used the investment from the new investors to run the business. Since the profit margin is very less they managed to run the business for 3 years successfully. Then after the business collapsed, and a case has been filed on Utah court. It is said that Traffic Monsoon has still posses $10000000 approx. the investment money which belongs to the investors.

I just gave this live example to make you understand the seriousness of online investments. Beware of quick rich schemes!

3. Crypto Scams:

I’ve listed cryptocurrencies above as a great opportunity creator for the online job seekers to earn money from home. But, when there was a huge hike in BTC value, the scammers used the opportunity to force people to invest their money to make the profit up to 1000%. The BTC value was climbing at lighting speed and reached 10000% within a year. Suddenly, the price started to drop gradually and became stable at ten thousand dollars. Many people have faced huge loss in this tremendous crypto boom.

I don’t say cryptocurrencies are scams. I recommend you not to invest your money in buying cryptocurrencies aiming just for profit. Instead, there are lots of ways to earn cryptocurrencies, use those legitimate ways to earn and sell them on crypto markets.

4. Online jobs package scams:

Never ever believe in sites which sells online job packages. Usually, these sites promise to give certain jobs like ad posting, marketing online jobs if the person buys the package for certain cost, say $50. They will boast that their program will help to earn $1000 in one month. But, once the person buys the package, he might receive some crap materials. It will be too late the person to realize $50 has been just wasted for nothing.

Genuine sites which provide online jobs will never ask for registration fees or asks to buy packages. So, get out of such sites with fake promises.

Final words – online jobs from home without investment:

Thanks for reading the article throughout. Finally, hope I’ve guided you to find real online jobs without investment to work from home. I’ve shared my years of experience in making money online. These are tested online jobs proven to earn money online. Try the one that impressed you and also leave your comment below and get answered!

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