Online Typing Jobs from Home to Earn Money

Online typing jobs

Online Typing Jobs are the beginner-friendly MMO program to earn money from home. This means to earn money by typing, the worker needs no skill set.

The first thing that might come into your mind when we speak about typing job is data entry. To be precise, typing some data from a physical document in software like MS Word is data entry.

But, online typing jobs are more than you imagine. There are simple freelance typing jobs that pay only a few cents for completing typing tasks while the professional typing jobs are reliable to make a living.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert typist, learn different typing opportunities available on the internet. Find the best typing work that fits your skills to earn maximum. All the typing job provider companies listed below are free, you don’t have to pay any registration fees.

So, how much you can earn money online by typing? The answer is somewhere between $1 to $15 per day. The earnings per day differ based on the type of online typing work you choose to work.

The typing tasks posted on microsites pay only cents for completing the typing work. Online typing job sites like these hire members of all categories from novice to expert typist.

In the case of professional typing work like copywriting, accounting, transcription, the freelancers can expect a minimum of $1 – $2 per hour. But these sites only hire skilled typists and experienced certified professionals.

Is typing jobs reliable? The simple answer is what are the skills¬†you’ve got to convince the clients, and how good your work accuracy is and the quality determines your career.

It’s recommended to join the part-time typing jobs, gain experience, brush up your skills to find high paying typing jobs.

Online Typing jobs from home:


Various freelance typing work available on the internet:

If you’ve got no idea about online typing jobs, here are some of the best typing jobs listed from easiest low paying typing work to high paying typing jobs.

1. Micro Typing jobs:

The micro typing jobs are the simplest typing jobs for beginners. These typing jobs are available on the micro-jobs websites.

The microsites are the crowdsourcing companies that connect the employers and the workers. The employers will post the typing work on these sites.

Usually, these typing work posted by the employer will be assigned to the workers. The workers can accept and complete the jobs to earn money.

The microsites are one of the best sources to find jobs related to typing, data entry, data processing, etc.

Here are some of the examples of the typing jobs posted on the microsites – Typing the text given on the image, typing work hearing the audio, format conversion, copywriting, creating digital documents, translation, writing reviews, etc.

Apart from typing jobs, microsites have got tons of paid tasks you can choose to earn money. Usually, the normal tasks pay up to a few cents. But, the complex typing tasks pay more than one dollar.

The best feature of the micro-jobs website is that the tasks will be small and can be completed within minutes. These tasks are actually will be a part of a large project split into small tasks.

After the completion of the work, the results will be combined. The projects are split into small tasks to speed up the process and increase accuracy.

When a single project is assigned to a single freelancer, it might take more time to complete and the accuracy level might not be up to the mark. So, the projects are split into small tasks and assigned to hundreds of workers.

The money spent on the project will be shared among the workers.

Example of micro typing job:

Micro typing jobs and data entry work

The image given above is one of the examples of microtask related to typing work. In this task, the worker must type the data given on the image in the text fields. Typing tasks like these are very simple that a kid can do it. This is the best online jobs for students and the work at home moms.

Microsites are very flexible that allows the workers to work at their convenient timing.

Few microsites allow working using their mobile apps on the smartphone. Beginners are highly recommended to start with these sites.

And be aware of unethical captcha entry jobs comes under the micro typing jobs.

2. Transcription jobs:

The transcription jobs come under the online typing job category. It is one of the highest paying part-time typing jobs on the internet.

To work on transcription projects, you must have good language skills especially English, good typing speed, and sharp listening skills.

The transcription task is the process of converting the audio file or video file to text form. The person performing the transcription work is called the Transcriber.

Transcription sites will assign the transcription tasks to the transcribers once they are approved to work. The transcribers should listen to the audio carefully and type it in the software like MS word or the tools given by the company.

Transcribers will be paid on the pay per word basis which ranges from $0.005 to $0.01 or conversion per audio minute that ranges from $0.10 to $1. To earn more money the transcriber should be able to type the content at a minimum speed of 45 WPM simultaneously while listening to the audio.

This job is available for both beginners and experienced transcribers. But, transcription sites hire transcribers only after verifying their skills through basic tests.

In the case of medical transcription, technology transcription, and legal transcription, they might ask for certifications.

Among all these types, the transcription work is the best work from home typing jobs.

3. CopyWriting:

Copywriting is the simplest online typing jobs. The copywriting refers to content creation.

Copywriting tasks are posted by companies and clients who require content related to advertising and promotion. The Internet provides the chance for both skilled and beginner copywriters to find typing jobs.

Publishing blogs, creating content for social media, writing affiliate reviews, designing product descriptions are some of the examples of copywriting work. If you’ve good writing skills, then you can apply for the copywriting jobs or start your own business.

4. Custom freelance typing jobs:

All the online typing jobs come under the freelance work category including the jobs mentioned above. Here we speak about the getting contract to do custom typing jobs.

This is like starting an online business with the help of freelance marketplace(s).

The freelance sites are the mediators that connect freelancers with potential clients. The freelancer can work for custom typing projects based on the client’s requirements. Also, freelancers can set their price and fix their terms to work with a client.

Unlike general typing jobs sites, the freelance sites will not control the freelancers in terms of technical work aspects. The freelancers can connect the clients via freelance marketplace as long as they abide by the general terms of the marketplace like payment processing, work completion time, conflict resolution, etc.

If you’re a skilled typist start your freelancing career to work for custom freelance projects posted by the clients and companies directly on freelance sites. Set your price, work at convenient timing, and get recognized as a professional typist on the internet.

5. Translation jobs:

If you’re the person with bilingual skills i.e. know to read, write, and speak two languages, then this typing job is for you.

Translation cum typing is the process of converting text from one language to another language. The translator will receive some content in one language, that should be translated into another language. For example English to French.

Translation based typing jobs pay $0.005 to $0.04 for typing a word from one language to another language. By Processing a document with 1000 words, the translator can earn $5 to $40.

The rates vary based on the language involved in the translation process, the experience of the translator, and the site in which the translator works.

People who know 2 or more languages are advised to work for translation companies since they can earn more by translating than working on general typing jobs. The Internet is the gift to find work from home translation jobs.

6. Proofreading:

Proofreading is an add-on job related to online typing jobs. The job of a proofreader is to verify the content after the completion of work. The proofreading process helps to find out the errors and spot the mistakes made while typing.

Proofreading work is performed after the content is created like blog posts, articles, transcription, translation, infographics, eBooks, etc. Proofreading is easy but needs good skills for spotting the errors and bugs. So, only experienced people will get the chance to become a proofreader.

7. Data entry typing jobs:

Online data entry jobs are prominent work from home jobs related to online typing.

Data entry is the process of entering the data from documents or files into computer software simply called Digitization. Data entry jobs are mostly available online and you can also find offline data entry jobs using local references, data companies, and job boards.

Requirements for online typing jobs:

  • The basic requirement for work from home typing jobs is PC with a reliable internet connection.
  • If the sites allow, you can work using the mobile phone.
  • Earphone for processing voice to text.
  • Typing skills – 30 WPM for beginners and 60 WPM for advanced typing work.
  • Good language skills for typing work like transcription.

List of best sites to find online typing jobs from home:

1. The Smart Crowd:

If you ever dreamed to work for an established company, The Smart Crowd is the one that you should dream of.

The Smart Crowd works with some of the largest companies in the world to provide online typing jobs to freelancers. Their company is based in the US and they’ve been in the industry since the ’90s.

The Smart Crowd are looking for workers who have good skills to get included in their database. Bilingual freelancers have higher chances to get into their community since their tasks include translation and transcription.

The Smart Crowd offers you the ability to earn money by completing typing tasks that you can fit into our schedule. Though they don’t promise the availability of tasks based on your schedule, you can earn money completing typing tasks as long as it is available.

Sign up on The Smart Crowd and take the placement evaluation tests. This helps them to evaluate your talent and skills. Based on the scores, they will contact you when the work is available.

2. ClickWorker:

The ClickWorker is the micro jobs website. Find various tasks posted related to typing, data entry, data conversion, etc. Join their site for free without any approval process.

Initially, only basic tasks will be assigned to the account. Pass the assessments available for your profile to unlock potential tasks. Find typing tasks assigned under these categories AI training data, product data management, data categorization, data processing.

Other than online typing jobs, you can find the tasks that are different. Enjoy doing real-time tasks on ClickWorker based on your demographics.

Top workers are said to earn up to $9 per hour on ClickWorker. Get paid through PayPal or SEPA bank deposits every week.

3. Upwork:

The Upwork is the world’s largest freelance site with tons of freelance typing jobs posted by individual clients and companies.

Upwork is for freelancers who are looking for custom freelance typing jobs.

Join Upwork to make $10 per hour on average working on typing projects like data entry, transcription, translation, content writing, data mining, digital marketing work, etc.

Freelance typing jobs Upwork

If you’re interested in the freelance typing work contracts, sign up on Upwork as the freelancer.

Initially, you must complete your profile. The profile is the face of freelancers. Add a professional DP and fill the basic information. In the technical area, specify your typing skills and experience. Link your portfolio and certificates to complete the profile creation process.

Now you’re all set to start working as a freelance typist.

These are the ways you can start working as a freelancer. The first method and the only method for the beginners to find a job is to browse the available freelance typing jobs posted by the clients. Then submitting the proposal for the interesting job(s). Along with your proposal, each job will get proposals from other freelancers. The client will hire the best freelance after reviewing the proposals carefully.

It’s very hard to get hired on Upwork as a beginner since thousands of freelancers competing for the same position. The simple trick to get the first contract is bidding the lowest price as possible.

Usually, the highly rated and experienced freelancer quote high rates to work. New freelancers can use this opportunity to make the clients engaged. But don’t forget that the profile should be authentic to convince the clients to get hired.

Rating and reviews:

Upwork allows the client to rate the freelancers at the end of the contract.

Make sure to score a five-star rating and 100% job satisfaction. This will help the new and existing clients to directly connect you to hire you for their projects.

You can set your price at this time. Since the clients get the chance to hire a quality freelancer, they won’t hesitate to pay a higher rate.

4. Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Without any doubt, Amazon Mechanical Turk is the best online job site to find typing jobs and jobs related to typing.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is the home for millions of workers and thousands of employers. The workers complete the tasks posted by employers to earn money on Mechanical Turk.

Join Amazon Mechanical Turk and complete typing task-based assessment to access human intelligence tasks.

Review the instructions given by the employer. If you’re confident enough that you can complete the task with greater accuracy, accept the HIT, and complete the job within the specified period. As you grow, unlock the high potential typing tasks available only for the high rated Turkers.

Since the Mechanical Turk is owned by Amazon, they process payments only through Amazon payment balance, or earnings can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.

The direct bank deposits are available for Turkers from certain countries. Make sure that you can use Amazon in your country if not, don’t join Amazon Mechanical Turk.

5. Rev:

Find freelance typing jobs on Rev related to transcription, Captioning, translation, and creating subtitles.

Earn $0.36 to $3 by choosing their projects to work for potential clients all over the world. Rev accepts transcribers, bilingual freelancers who can convert audios & videos to text. These typing works are easy for people with good language skills and fast typing skills.

You must sign up and take the grammar & transcription test and wait for 48 hours to get approval notification. Once approved, you’re free to choose the hundreds of transcription-based typing jobs posted on their board. Complete as many typing tasks as you can to earn money by converting English audio into written form.

$250 is the average monthly earnings of the Rev freelancers while top earner reaches up to $1500 per month. Get paid to your PayPal account every week.

6. Microworkers:

Microworkers is one of the best microsites with hundreds of jobs related to typing which includes the image to text conversion, data processing, video annotation, translation & interpretation, transcription, tagging, categorization, giving product feedback, taking paid surveys, eBooks typing, researching contact details, copywriting, etc.

The typist who worries about assessments and approvals can join MicroWorkers and start working on tasks directly. But compared to the industry standards the rate for task completion will be less.

Most of the tasks posted on Microworkers fits the online typing jobs for beginners. Join Microworkers gain experience in completing small jobs and then go for advanced sites to get account approval easier.

But don’t fail to maintain the success rate and reputation since workers with low success rates cannot access their tasks. Microworkers offers various payment methods for members all around the world. Get paid via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Dwolla, and Transpay.

7. Fiverr:

The Fiverr is the World’s largest freelance marketplace to buy and sell digital products and services.

Fiverr has got a separate category for the writing/typing freelancers. Become a seller to sell gigs related to Editing, copywriting, proofreading, transcription, legal writing, email copy, data digitization, technical writing, press release, etc.

If you’ve got good technical skills in addition to typing talent, join Fiverr to earn a minimum of $5 selling gigs.

Since Fiverr is not a working site and the freelancers have full control over the service they provide, there is no margin for error. You must be able to work with full efficiency and should know how to troubleshoot when things go wrong.

Confident enough to start your freelance business? Sell as many gigs as you can set your price, Level up to attract more clients to cash out your earnings once every 15 days.

8. Elite channel – Figure Eight:

Figure Eight is the online crowdsourcing company that works on delivering global solutions in developing AI.

Figure Eight is the source to find jobs to earn money by typing online. Among all the sites listed here, Figure Eight is the only site where you can find the easiest typing jobs and jobs related to data entry.

Join the Elite channel that hosts Figure Eight within seconds just using your email address. Once you join, go to tasks to find the available jobs.

Complete the available jobs with a minimum of 70% accuracy to access the level 1 tasks. Similarly, complete the tasks with maximum accuracy to move the potential tasks to the available tasks folder.

Tasks posted on Figure Eight are very simple like finding authors, image to text conversion, audio to text conversion, highlighting the important text, copy-pasting work, reviewing violation, image verification, policy checking, data processing, social media handling, and more.

Direct Figure Eight users get paid via PayPal. Work on the Elite channel(Ysense) to access high paying surveys & offers and get paid via Payoneer, Check, Skrill.

9. Indeed: is the world’s largest job portal where professional jobs, technical jobs, freelance jobs, work from home jobs are posted daily by millions of small and large employers.

Use Indeed to search for online or offline typing jobs. The availability of the jobs cannot be promised as on other sites listed here.

Sign up on Indeed, search for the typing jobs or data entry work near you. Find the job that fits your profile and timing, apply for the job. Complete the interview to get hired. The payments will be based on employer terms.

10. Scribe:

Scribe provides home-based typing jobs. Earn $5 to $25 by converting the one-hour audio to written form.

To get approved by the Scribe, you must have good language skills, interpretation skills, and the ability to spot the flaws in the work.

Work as a transcriber, proofreader, quality checker to earn up to $1000 per month from home. Earn good grades to get higher promotions. The Scribe is a reliable site to work.

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