PaidViewPoint Panel Review – Is it a best site for Surveys or Scam?


PaidViewPoint is a unique survey panel that makes their site more interesting compared to the old school survey panels. Paid ViewPoint reward users for taking surveys and answering polls. They keep the members engaged daily through Trait surveys that take the members to the next level. The main surveys that are conducted on various topics pay some good value upon completing them. Need help to know if this panel is worth? Here’s the PaidViewPoint review.


About PaidViewPoint:

PaidViewPoint Panel is a market research site for the people who are looking to earn money by taking surveys online. It is operated by the – Ask Your Target Market. With thousands of trusted members who love to take surveys, PaidViewPoint stays one of the top survey panels in the world.

Unlike other survey panels which accept user registration only from tier- 1 country, Paid ViewPoint user registration is open for all the countries that support PayPal.

PaidViewPoint Review:

PaidViewPoint review

It’s a pure survey panel that offers ways to earn money online taking online surveys. Sometimes, they release simple polls that pay a few cents like Swagbucks.

PaidViewPoint is the place where you can feel taking surveys in a different way. It’s not about the way of taking a survey like different technology, but it’s about the user experience and rewarding.

Unlike top survey sites like LifePoints, Toluna, Opinion OutPost, OW surveys, Valued Opinions which pay users only upon completing the survey, Paid ViewPoint panel to pay the users for each question they answer.

This shows they’re confident in allowing only the most relevant member to take part in the survey.

Chances of getting screened out of the survey are very low since the member profile will be always kept updated through trait surveys.

Paid ViewPoint Surveys:

There are two types of surveys available on this site which include the regular full survey and the trait survey.

PVP Trait surveys:

The trait surveys are small surveys that pay $0.03 most of the time which can exceed up to $0.10 some time.

Trait surveys mostly consist of questions related to the profile and interests.

Paidviewpoint survey

Taking trait surveys ensures that the profile stays up to date and also increases the account balance bit by bit in the background.

Another important thing why PVP users should take trait surveys regularly is to improve their overall trait score.

As the user completes the trait surveys, the trait score keeps on increases.

When the trait score reaches 9000 or better, the user will be placed on the top 10% of PV members.

Paidviewpoint trait score

These members will be treated as the premium users, means they will receive more money for each question they answer.

So, try to take as many trait surveys as you can to improve the overall trust score. You may also enable the trait score email notification in the account settings to get notified whenever a new trait survey is available.

PVP BIZ Surveys:

Paid ViewPoint Biz surveys are the one which helps you to earn more money.

These full surveys are the research projects conducted on behalf of the clients who require user opinion.

Paidviewpoint surveys

You must give your opinion truly and carefully so that the clients can extract some useful information for their project.

PaidViewPoint notifies the users about the availability of full surveys through email.

The availability of surveys is directly based on user demographics.

Survey taking experience on PaidViewPoint Panel:

While YouGov is the best survey panel in terms of providing the best possible user experience while taking the surveys, PaidViewPoint panel does deserve the same mention.

Paid ViewPoint users enjoy taking the surveys as most of the surveys are short, uncrowded, non-complex. PVP knows how to keep their users engaged and at the same time collect the true opinion.

Surveys usually last from 5 – 10 minutes which is very low compared to the industry average.

Another most important pros of taking surveys on PVP is that users will be never screened out of the survey.

PaidViewPoint survey rewards:

Unlike the other survey panels, Paid ViewPoint is known to pay the users on the pay per question basis. Which mean the survey taker will be paid for each question.

Question by question/cent by cent, earn up to $3 per survey on this survey panel.

As Usual, Members from tier-1 countries usually get higher chances and more rewards for taking the surveys.

Paid ViewPoint Referral Program and VIP community Builder:

The referral program has become one of the significant features of online job programs.

Paid ViewPoint Panel has got a decent referral program for the beginners where they can earn 10% referral commission.

If you’re a potential affiliate who can create a huge pool of downline, you may apply for the VIP community Builder program.

Paidviewpoint VIP community builder club

On approval, you can enjoy 20% referral rewards as a part of PaidViewPoint VIP Community Builder Club.

Before applying for the privileged membership, make sure you have got at least 100 referrals. A part of these referrals should be in the active state at least for a few days.

PaidViewPoint Mobile app:

Unfortunately, PaidViewPoint app is currently not available to earn money using the mobile phone.

However, you can use the mobile browser like Google Chrome to manage your PaidViewPoint account and take surveys.

Here are some of the best MMO apps for mobile, if you’re looking for one.

PaidViewPoint Payments:

Paid ViewPoint Panel pay the users only via verified PayPal account.

You must link your verified PayPal account to the PaidViewPoint.

The minimum cashout value is $15. Check out the PaidViewPoint payment proof below.

Paidviewpoint payment proof

Pros and Cons of PaidViewPoint Panel:
  • PaidViewPoint is the one for people who are looking for interesting ways to earn by taking surveys.
  • They have created a new way in the paid survey industry to keep members engaged.
  • Tired of survey screenouts? Paid ViewPoint is here to save you.
  • Surveys are short, yet high paying.
  • Accepts user registration from all the countries*.
  • Trait surveys ensure you get at least something and in addition, the profile gets updated.
  • Get paid for answering short polls.
  • Surveys are designed in such a way that the user doesn’t feel hard answering those.
  • User-friendly and beginner-friendly survey site.
  • PayPal is the payment processing option that is available in the major part of the world.
  • Reliable referral program and VIP community builder club.
  • More Positive user reviews make it a truly best survey site.
  • Great support!
  • They don’t support countries where PayPal isn’t available.
  • No Gift cards option to redeem. So, you might have to pay tax for your earnings if applicable.
  • Some of the users complain they have never received even one invitation for taking Biz survey.
Final Words on Paid ViewPoint Survey Panel:

PaidViewPoint is recommended as the legitimate survey site, operated by the best company. There are no chances for Paid ViewPoint to become a scam in the future.

They provide the opportunity to earn money by taking surveys in a unique, simple way, unlike the regular survey panels. So, as a PVP member, you will enjoy being a part of their community.

Join today and try how PaidViewPoint works for you!

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