Pinecone Research Review – Premium Survey Panel with Exclusive Features

Pinecone research review

When we talk about exclusive premium survey panels, there are only a few companies that come under this category. The Pinecone Research can be called the leader of exclusive survey panels. It’s because Pinecone surveys are not open to all the users. Instead, they are very choosy in hiring people to become a part of their research program. In addition, the reason why it’s called exclusive is that their surveys are highest paying in the online survey world. Continue to read the Pinecone Research review that offers a quality survey experience to its users.

About Pinecone Surveys:

Pinecone Research is operated by the world’s leading market research company Nielsen. Nielsen started it’s journey 90 years ago as a research company.

Nielsen runs several research programs that include the Nielsen Computer and Research Panel. This program pays $50 to their users just for installing their research app in the mobile device(s).

Unlike Nielsen Consumer Panel, Pinecone is a kind of a survey panel similar to Toluna surveys, Valued Opinions, Ipsos that pays for answering surveys.

Pinecone Research Review:

Pinecone research review

Pinecone Research is a trusted leader in voicing the opinion of consumers in top nations. They help the companies those are seeking for the consumers’ input to develop new products and improve current products.

By completing the Pinecone Surveys, you will directly influence tomorrow’s product today. Be proud that you can be one of the inputs of tomorrow’s technology/service/product.

Become an Elite Survey Taker:

While anyone can become part of the survey panels that are available in hundreds, Pinecone doesn’t allow everyone to become part of their research.

They screen people in order to filter users they find irrelevant to their client’s requirements. Only the potential users who match their demographics requirement can join Pinecone Surveys.

So, join Pinecone Research and get feel like an elite survey taker. Everybody might not get a chance as you do.

Pinecone Research invitation and User Demographics:

Currently, Pinecone recruits new members only on an invitation basis. This means anyone cannot register for an account directly on Pinecone’s official website.

They accept new members from USA, UK, and Canada at a certain age group. They do have various gender restrictions apart from age group.

Here’s the link for you to join Pinecone Research. Make sure you must fill the questionnaires truly to get accepted.

Pinecone Surveys:

Like other survey sites, Pinecone will send the invitation to take the survey to the registered email address.

You must click the link to take the survey.

Once the survey is completed, the compensation will be added to your account which can be redeemed later for cash rewards and gift cards.

It usually takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete the surveys on Pinecone.

Low Screenout percentage:

While the survey takers face getting screened out of the middle of the survey even in the best survey sites, Pinecone Research doesn’t kick out the users often.

Since Pinecone research recruit users only on an invitation basis and the profile of the users is collected way ahead, they send invitations only for the surveys that are relevant to the profile.

So, stop worrying about getting screened out of surveys too many times.

Paid ViewPoints Panel is known to address the screen out issues properly using a different approach to reward the survey takers.

Product testing on Pinecone Research:

As a member of Pinecone, you may get a chance to test products at your home.

When the product testing is available, they will notify via email.

Get the product for free of cost and eventually earn money for completing the testing process.

Pinecone Sweepstakes:

Members of Pinecone are enrolled for sweepstakes contest.

The biweekly contest pays $500 to the winners and quarterly sweepstakes pay $4500 to the winners.

Pinecone Research app:

It seems that the Pinecone Research app has been removed from the Google PlayStore. And there is no sign of the Pinecone app in the App Store.

Pinecone may release their app back on Android and IOS platforms.

Until then you may check out these money-making apps.

Preventing “At the risk of removal”:

Getting into Pinecone research is something difficult compared to other leading survey panels.

So, if you get recruited at Pinecone, make sure you maintain the optimal participation level in order to prevent getting removed from their program.

Pinecone research continuously monitors the members’ account for compliance. Any violation of policy might lead to account suspension.

Beware of unauthorized Pinecone scam:

There are chances that few illegal companies or individual might attempt to send phishing email as Pinecone.

Beware of such phishing email. Ensure the sender’s email address before clicking the link given in the email.

Pinecone referral program:

Since they recruit their members-only through the invitation process, there is no referral program available for regular users.

Recruitment processing is available for the webmasters on affiliate sites.

Pinecone Payments:

Pinecone surveys pay a minimum of 300 points for completing a survey.

Initially, the first 300 points you earn will be automatically redeemed as check. This is done in order to establish your profile and account.

Pinecone does have an option to redeem points as PayPal cash. But, it is not available for all the users. Pinecone will automatically send email to panelist regarding enabling PayPal as a payment option in the account who have met the requirements.

The second payment can be redeemed for Prepaid virtual VISA card, Amazon gift cards, Walmart vouchers, Starbucks cards, iTunes gift card, movie vouchers, etc.

Pros and Cons of Pinecone Research:

  • Operated by a world leader in market research, Nielsen.
  • The only survey panel that pays a minimum of $3 per survey. YouGov surveys have a decent survey rate next to Pinecone surveys.
  • Unlike regular panels, they have a recruitment process to provide high-quality insights to their clients.
  • The Panelists can shape the future products being part of Pinecone Research.
  • Surveys are of highest quality mostly users experience no screenouts.
  • Delivers free products to the selected panelists who are interested in testing.
  • Various payment options are available based on user preference.
  • The minimum payout is just $3.
  • Get a feel to work on scam free environment.
  • Win rewards participating in Pinecone Sweepstakes contest.
  • Great customer support answer queries within 3 days.
  • There are no major cons when it comes to Pinecone Research. Here are few negatives about Pinecone Research.
  • Pinecone availability is restricted to fewer locations in USA, UK, and Canada. If you’re from different country try these alternatives.
  • It’s hard to get into Pinecone research since their requirements change most of the time.
  • Inactive members’ accounts are subjected to cancel.
  • Points might expire with 12 months of inactivity.

Final Words about Pinecone Research:

Pinecone Research can be called the leader of the online survey panels. It stays as an example of how a market research program should be.

The minimum reward offered for a survey is way high compared to the top survey sites where the survey rate starts at just a few Cents.

Everyone should try Pinecone Research for sure. But since their recruitment process is subject to change based on the clients’ requirements, there are chances you might not get recruited at this time.

Click the button given below and follow the instructions to join Pinecone Research today.

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