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Online freelance jobs work sites

Online freelance jobs help millions of people around the world to earn money from home. Many freelance experts say that their decision to start full time freelancing career is the thrilling and life-changing moment. Talents and skills are never recognized fully in the regular job due to several reasons. But, the internet provides plenty of opportunities to the freelancers to make use of their skills. There are no job politics in here. Talents are highly recognized in the freelance sites. If you’re a skilled person looking to get your talents recognized, this is the article for you. Learn how to find freelance jobs online and how to make maximum money through the best freelance websites in the world.

There is a considerable demand for the freelancers since the rise of IT era. Everywhere things are getting digitalized to reduce the paperwork, increase productivity and reduce the labor cost. Beyond the excess availability of IT industries, Companies and organizations are in need of individual computer experts. Approaching service-based companies are time-consuming, hard to filter the reliable one and need more money to spend. The Freelance experts play an important role in fulfilling the needs of clients by providing cheap and quality services. Freelance sites help the clients to find the skillful freelancers and the freelancers are able to connect the potential clients.

What is online freelance jobs?

Freelance jobs are nothing but getting self-employed or getting hired by a client to work for their project at own terms with mutual agreement. These jobs can be done as a part-time freelance job or a full-time freelance job at own convenient timing. Freelancer should take full responsibility for organizing and completing the project(s) within the specified period of time.

Online freelance jobs are the freelance jobs available on the internet. The Freelance sites act as the blood of the freelance industry connecting the clients and freelancers. The freelance sites are the place for freelancer community looking for potential clients to hire them. Online freelance jobs will be mostly related to online products & services, software, marketing, digital media, business consultation etc.

Popular and trending freelance jobs to earn more money:

These are the list of freelance projects or freelance categories which are currently very popular where freelancers make thousands of dollars. Do not jump into the category that you are not aware of. Just go through the list of freelance jobs and if there is something related to you, improve your skills in that category. Then after, follow the instructions to become a freelancer, get hired and earn money!

1. Freelance graphics design jobs:

Freelance graphics designer jobs

The freelancer graphics design job is the most trending online freelance jobs. This is the perfect jobs for the masters in handling the images, videos, media, VFX etc. The graphics design doesn’t mean the creation of animations alone. Everything including multimedia designing, video editing, whiteboard video creation, 2D & 3D animation, Logo designing, image editing, product branding, banners & flash, Html5 graphical media comes under graphics designing.

The freelancers should consider developing their skills in handling Adobe products(Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Animate), Corel Draw, Maya, 3DS Max, Camtasia Studio etc. Freelance graphics jobs are not only for the experts, but there are also few freelance sites which act as the learning ground for the beginners. Freelance graphics design jobs are high paying where the freelancers can earn $50+ per hour.

2. Freelance writing jobs:

Freelance writing job is one of the trending online jobs on the internet. If you’re good at writing article, researching trends, then this is the job for you. This Freelance job is very simple since writing is the part of everyone’s life since childhood. It’s actually the writing skills that make the difference.

Many freelancers write for their own blog, but it’s a time-consuming process to earn money. So, if you’re looking to make money instantly, the freelance sites provides the opportunity to write for big companies, blogs, online magazines, and other sources. Novice writers can earn $5 to $10 per article while experts earn up to $500 per article.

3. Websites and app development jobs:

Freelance jobs related to website and app development is very trending. App development is considered as the future’s best high paying job. App development for Android and IOS are very common with thousands of freelance app developers looking clients already. The developers who can show uniqueness and stand out of the crowd will definitely succeed.

Similarly, web development, website designer, website diagnosing work can fetch more money to the freelancers. Companies spend thousands of dollars on developing the app and website to market their products and services. It’s very easy to grab the opportunity to earn $20+ per hour.

4. Digital marketing:

The digital marketing is the fuel of internet business. The digital marketing industry is simple, yet a powerful force that helps to maintain the profitable ecosystem on the internet.

Worry that you don’t have any skills? Don’t you worry because digital marketing is going to give a change for you to become a freelancer! Unlike the graphics designing & app development, digital marketing is very easy for beginners to learn from the free sources available on the internet.

The content marketing and search engine optimization is the primary part of the digital marketing division. They are very important to increase the visibility of a business on search engines and increases the chances to attract potential customers for the business from the referral sources.

Social media marketing is a very familiar topic to everyone. It’s the part of marketing technique to promote businesses, products, services, on Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc. Email marketing is the similar one where marketing is done through email.

Online advertising is one of the preferred marketing techniques used by brands. Paid search, PPC advertising, affiliate marketing, lead generation are some of the examples of digital advertising.

The digital marketing has a great future. Start learning about digital marketing from today get a digital marketing job.

5. Online tutoring jobs:

There will be no setback for the education industry in the future since people never hesitated to learn things. The online tutoring jobs are one of the honorable online freelance jobs. Previously, when the internet has been found and used purely for getting educated and to connect people. So, there is a chance for the teachers to educate people using the internet and make money.

There are two ways one can earn teaching online, the first option is to sell online courses and the second option is getting hired as the online tutor.  In the case of online courses, the tutor has to create the course on the training platform and sell the course. While in the other case, the tutor should teach the students virtually using Hangouts or Skype.

6. Freelance translation & transcription jobs:

Since ever the world has been interconnected, people around the world started to move around for various reasons. While English is the international language understood by the majority of people, the native languages stay strong in many countries. For example, the APAC countries still completely depend on national languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and many European countries speak Spanish, French, etc. The businesses, government, education industry use their national language everywhere.

When people from two different regions interact, the language will be a barrier. Here come the translators & transcribers to break the barrier. They help to translate documents, media, live speeches, and other sources from one language to another language. Similarly, the transcribers’ job is to convert the audio form to document form. Transcribers convert the live speech, recorded audio, instructions to document by writing down in the paper for record purpose.

Online translation jobs will be related to translating text from one language to another language. Freelance translation sites pay up to 4 US cents for translating a word. The translator can earn $4 by translating the 100 words article which will take not more than a few minutes. This is just an example and it’s not going to be the same in the translation sites.

In the case of online transcription jobs, it will be related to general audio transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription etc. In some cases, the jobs will be performed virtually connected in order to transcribe interview session, meetings, etc.

7. Freelance typing jobs & data entry jobs:

The online data entry jobs are one of the over-hyped freelance jobs. The typing jobs & data entry work are the ones that appear in the mind of majority job seekers when they look for job opportunities on the internet. But, when compared to other freelance jobs, data entry jobs are not worth according to my experience. Because 3/4 of the data entry jobs available on the internet are scams. The remaining will not be up to the expectation in terms of payout.

The positive sides of online data entry jobs are, easiest job, available for everyone with basic knowledge, diverse subcategories under data entry, availability of prebuilt platforms for data entry jobs. The negative sides of data entry jobs are, the workers need to work hard not work smart, workers earn a low reward for their hard work, hard to find a reliable source.

It’s just like we face it in the day to day life “Doctors earn more than the accountants”, “IT professionals earn more than the operators”. This is normal and our human ecosystem are built to reward smart work, not hard work. I’ve given you this example just to make you understand if you’re going to be a data entry worker or a skillful freelancer.

It’s hard to find genuine data entry freelance jobs out there on the internet. I’ve written a comprehensive article explaining how to find online data entry jobs avoiding scams.

8. Freelance business consultation:

This is the freelance jobs for the business experts, master of business administration etc. Virtual assistance, financial consultation, business tips, presentations, career advice, legal consultation, branding services, human resource management comes under the business consultant category.

The business consultants have high respect and earn more money just for using their experience smartly. If you’re a business consultant, then you’ve got a great opportunity on the internet to earn money.

9. Engineering & architecture:

Mostly the clients related to engineering & architecture, approach the local companies to manage their projects. Because it’s easy to connect them, they would have got good knowledge about regional market etc. Beyond that few clients wish to approach international engineers for certain reasons. It’s not a great problem to find freelance engineers & architectures in the freelance marketplace. Clients hire freelancers for their engineering projects at a cheap price compared to agreeing to the contract of a professional company. It’s mentioned cheap but it’s not actually cheap. Freelancers can earn thousands of dollars as an individual freelancer from home while the companies cannot do that for the same price.

Digital engineering, civil engineering, interior designs, electrical engineering, CAD, 3D modeling, chemical engineering, contract marketing are some of the freelance jobs available in the engineering category.

10. Market research jobs:

For every company, industry, and organizations it is important to realize what are the needs of the consumers. To know the customer views, it not easy just like that to find them one by one and ask questions. This is achieved through market research. The market research is the process of learning the consumers’ views about the products & services. The results from market research help the company to improve their current services & products and to develop/create new products according to the consumer needs.

There are several categories available on market research jobs while the major two categories are direct and indirect market research jobs. The first category is to work for a market research company directly like developing tools, analytics, data processing etc. Helping the research studies indirectly by taking surveys, participating in clinical trials, marketing, testing user experience of products & services are examples of indirect market research jobs. Based on the type of the market research job, the freelancers can earn few dollars to thousands every month.

How to find online freelance jobs:

Hope, now you would have got an idea about different trending online freelance jobs. If you’re well prepared to proceed, these are the steps to find an online freelance job.

Online freelance jobs

1. Finding the source for the job (or) best freelancing sites:

The first step in finding a freelance job is finding the source where the online freelance jobs can be found. The freelance marketplaces or the freelancing sites are the best places to find freelance jobs. The freelance marketplaces act as the connector between the potential clients and the freelancers. In simple, the freelancers can find the jobs posted by the clients and in turn, the clients can find freelance experts to hire them for their projects.

As a beginner, it is important to start searching for online freelance jobs in legitimate freelance sites. Unlike finding genuine data entry sites, it’s really simple to find the freelancing sites. However, you can make use of this list of best freelance sites available online.

1.1. Upwork:

The Upwork is the best ever freelance site available online. Previously called as Odesk, it is merged with its sister company Elance to form Upwork. Upwork is the leader of freelance sites with millions of freelancers and thousands of potential clients & companies. Thousands and thousands of jobs are posted daily on the Upwork to help freelancers earn money online. Freelance jobs are posted on over 5000 skills in more than 70 main categories to work.

This is how the job finding process goes on Upwork. The clients & companies will post jobs in different categories. Upwork uses a sophisticated algorithm to highlight the projects related to the freelancer’s profile & skills. The freelancers can find the jobs in which they are interested and submit their proposal to get hired. Freelancers who had worked already under a client or a company on Upwork can search based on that.

Once hired, the freelancer should agree with the terms proposed by the client. With mutual agreement, the freelancer can start working on the project and should complete and submit the project within the deadline. After submitting, the freelancers should raise an invoice to get paid. The clients are allowed to rate and review the freelancers to help other clients to learn about the freelancer before hiring. So, be careful that you don’t get even a single bad review initially that would end up your dream in disaster.

Similarly, Upwork allows the freelancers to set an hourly price for your profile. Freelancers with high rating will be listed when the clients search for the experts in the category. The clients will review the profile and if they find it interesting, they will hire the freelancer directly. The freelancer can work on hourly payment basis or fixed-price per project basis.

Upwork skill tests:

Upwork has designed the skill tests to help the freelancers to test their skills. The freelancers are advised to take the test and pass the test before finding the job. There are over 500 tests available on Upwork. Here is the list of few tests available on Upwork, “Windows test”, “Language test”, “MS office test”, “Adobe products tests”, “search engine optimization test”,  “customer service test” etc. Taking test is not mandatory however find the test relevant to your profile and get qualified in order to look more professional.

1.2. Fiverr:

The is another prominent freelance marketplace. Fiverr has nothing bad when compared to Upwork and it has own set of features to showcase as the most unique freelance marketplace.

Fiverr works somewhat different compared to the regular freelance sites. is more like a place for freelance business and not jobs. The freelancers are the boss and they will have full control in setting up their business. Fiverr is the place to sell and purchase digital products and services. Freelancers who wish to sell their talents should create a profile for their business called as the gig. Based on the complexity of the service provided to the clients, the price can be set from a minimum of $5 and there is no maximum price. Previously, I’ve seen a gig sold for even $500. Fiverr also allows the sellers to set the price based on the project by sending the custom order to the clients.

The gig is like a profile where the seller should list out the title of the service provided, description, scope & pricing, terms of service, requirements, etc. The gig will be listed along with other gigs when a client search for the service. For example, if the client searches for the logo designing gig, the gigs related to the logo designing will be displayed in the list. The clients will go through the gigs and the seller ratings. Finally, they will order the gig which they find interesting.

Fiverr ratings & reviews:

The rating & reviews matter a lot in Fiverr. The buyers will order the gig primarily based on the rating given by previous buyers. That’s why the new sellers toil to make the first sale. Whether the gig is new or old, when the potential buyer refers the gig, he will find out the if the gig is eligible or not just by reading the description. So, take care while creating the gig and make sure to specify only what you can do. – the best freelance site for beginners:

When compared to Upwork, the Fiverr is the preferred freelance site. From my personal research, I found that freelancers made their first sale very quickly on Fiverr. But, due to intensive competition on the Upwork, beginners will fade in the crowd. The freelancer needs a bit of luck to get a job in Upwork while it’s really easy to make the first sale on Fiverr. At least the in Fiverr, the seller will get regular inquiries. This has been tested by three freelancers friends of mine.

Similarly, the freelancer should let the community know about their education & experience on Upwork. The Upwork is for the professionals while the Fiverr is the place for beginners to learn and work to make thousands of dollars.

These are the two best freelance sites available on the internet. All the trending online freelance jobs are available in these sites. Try testing both the sites to find which one works best for you.

2. Introduce yourself to the freelance world:

The moment you’ve joined a freelance site, it’s important to create your profile immediately. The profile is the face of freelancers where clients will find if the freelancer is potential for their project just by seeing the profile. Here is an example of how to create the profile on Upwork freelance site, this might vary in different sites.

Introducing yourself on freelance sites to prepare for online freelance jobs

The profile photo is really important to find online freelance jobs. Be advised that freelancers with a friendly, professional DP are hired more often than those without a photo. Give a title for your profile like “Professional graphics designer”, “Experienced digital marketer”, “Expert mobile app and web developer”. Then give a description to your profession, like what will you do if you’re hired, things that make you different from other freelancers, your experience etc. List out the skill even if it is optional.

Listing educational qualification on freelance site

Likewise, in the next step rate your experience level. Be truthful! The entry level is for the people who are starting their career. The intermediate refers to professionals with greater knowledge in the field. Don’t hesitate to call you an expert if you can manage everything in fingertips.

Online freelance jobs setting hourly rates

The final step is to set your hourly rate. Set your hourly rate. Don’t be expensive, because the clients might skip your profile. Initially, the default $10 per hour should be ok. Be adviced that Upwork allows the freelancers to work on both fixed price and hourly price. This is just a reference for the clients and companies. You’re free to change the hourly rate for different clients based on the complexity of the project.

Now you’re all set to find the job on Upwork. Implement the same on the other freelance sites like Fiverr.

3. The power of Certifications and portfolio:

The certifications and sample work of your previous projects will add extra power to your profile. When clients review the profile they will get confident to hire the freelancers certified by top organizations like Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Oracle, Academia etc. Add the certificates that have value and recognization at the international level.

Adding certifications and portfolio on freelance sites

Similarly, add the portfolio project in your account. If you’ve got a website to describe your projects, add the link to that website else add the visual sample of your work. Certifications and portfolio projects add extra value to your profile.

4. The discipline needed to find online freelance jobs on freelance sites:

I myself several times noted that the novice freelancers just try to spam the freelance sites. The discipline is very important everywhere and it is a must in the freelancing career. Browse the jobs posted by the clients, do not submit proposals to whichever related jobs you find. Get into your category, read the title of the job carefully. If the jobs match your skills, get in to read the description and requirements for the job. The final step is to submit the proposals with a brief description of how you will be dealing with the project.

If you’re hired or if your gig has been sold, try to deliver the project before the deadline. Don’t be too fast which might make the clients to feel if they have spent a lot of simple projects or if there will be a compromise in the quality. And also don’t deliver it in the last moment.

Hope now you know how to find the freelance jobs in the freelance marketplace and the trick to growing as an expert to get listed as the pro.

Freelance experts profile in freelance marketplaces

Pros and cons of online freelance jobs:

  • The online freelance jobs are the best online jobs to earn five figure income.
  • You’re the boss, you’re the owner, you control you. Work only when you feel.
  • Online freelance jobs help to work from home. Don’t lose money in commuting.
  • There are no restrictions on earning. Unlimited earning potential.
  • Freelancers get chance to recognized internationally.
  • Freelance sites give full recognition to the skills and talents.
  • No politics, fair opportunity provided to everyone.
  • Freelancers can try multiple options at the same time.
  • Each freelance site has it’s own functionality to help freelancers to get hired and to sell their services.
  • Availability of jobs in almost all the well-known categories.
  • Freelance community helps to connect the experts and beginners.
  • Track your progress and payments.
  • Online freelance jobs help you to learn more when you do projects.
  • Once you’ve become a recognized freelancer, you’re free to choose the clients whom you work for.
  • Be a master in your society. People will see you differently.
  • Above all, get the paycheck on time. Work without worries.
  • Going to a full-time job is safer and the salary is guaranteed but in the case of freelance jobs, there is no guarantee.
  • There will be a huge competition on freelance sites. The freelancers have to compete and be the best to stand out of crowd.
  • A significant percentage of beginners never get hired on a freelance site.
  • Freelancers will miss the working environment when they feel isolated.
  • Time management will be hard as the days pass. No self-discipline, no success.
  • The availability of jobs will be inconsistent. So, freelancers can’t expect the same amount of earnings every month.
  • Many beginners suffer in the starting stage without proper training.
  • There are chances available to make errors since human intelligence doesn’t match artificial intelligence in terms of error deduction.
  • Rejection of work will result in loss of pay. This does not happen in most of the cases on the best freelance sites listed above.
  • The freelancer should be updated with the current technology to survive in the competitive freelance world.
  • Since online freelance jobs are like running a business, it’s hard to pause the work in between.
  • Freelancers should pay a part of the earnings to the freelance sites for using their platform. It might vary from 5% to 20%.

How much can I earn doing freelance jobs:

It’s really hard to answer this questions. While there are top freelancers who make even $100/hr, many freelancers make only $10 per day. So, as it happens in regular jobs, the earning capability totally depends on the skills and hard work the freelancer put in the work. Also, the earning capability varies in each freelance sites. So, it is advised to test different freelance sites to find the one that works great for you.

To be precise, the beginners earn up to $50 per day while the experts earn $500+ per day working on freelance sites.

Is online freelance jobs worth it?

Definitely, the answer would be yes! Online freelance jobs are the best ever way to make money working from home. The freelance work is flexible, reliable and dependable. So, start your freelancing career today with full hope, work hard and I’m sure that you’ll make at least $100 per day within a year. Finally, if you’ve got any queries, fill it in comments. Also, feel free to share your experience in freelancing career to the beginners.

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