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Opinion World review

Opinion World is an established survey panel provide their services globally. Opinion World is one among very few survey panels which offer customized services based on the location of operation. Their customized services help the users to do surveys in the native language and receive region-based Opinion World Rewards. This Opinion World Review will be helpful for you to know the legitimacy of OW and learn about various features of Opinion World surveys.


About Opinion World Surveys:

The Opinion World is an exclusive service provided by Dyanta LLC previously Survey Sampling International since 1977. Opinion World is the sister site of Opinion Outpost one of the best survey panels in the USA.

Opinion World Review:

Opinion World review

The Opinion World connects your opinion to topmost companies in the world to educate them regarding the standard of their products and services. They want the voice of millions of consumers like you all around the world to create innovative solutions.

By being one of the members of Opinion World community, you can earn cash rewards and gift cards sharing your opinion by taking surveys.

Opinion World increases the power of your opinion in addition to paying you for your precious time.

Opinion World Demographics:

Unlike most of the survey panels which concentrate to offer their services only for the residents of tier-1 countries, Opinion World offers its services in many countries around the world either directly or indirectly.

Opinion World operated in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Australia.

As said earlier Opinion World is available with customized options including region-based rewards, services in native languages, unique domain, etc.

Opinion World Surveys:

OW survey invitation

The Opinion World basically pays its users for taking surveys. When a survey is available for the user, the Opinion World will send a survey invitation as shown above.

The user must click the button to take the survey. Initially, the user should answer the screenout survey in order to find if he is eligible to take the survey. On getting qualified, the user can complete the survey to earn reward points that can be redeemed for the cash and gift cards in the later part.

Initially, Opinion World advise their members to complete their profile in order to receive the survey invitations to relevant surveys.

For example, if the user is interested in Bikes & cars, he could mention it in the profile so that he will be invited whenever a new study available about automobiles instead of getting invited for IT survey where he won’t qualify. So, once you become part of the Opinion World surveys, feel free to complete the profile questionaries by spending a few minutes.

Usually, Opinion World pay 30 points to 500 points for completing a survey. The rewards value may vary based on the time taken to complete the survey and the research topic.

On average, the OW users spend 5 to 20 minutes to complete a survey. Based on your demographics, you may receive 1 – 5 survey invitation per day.

Opinion World Survey Categories:

While YouGov has the best interesting survey categories in the world, Opinion World has various survey categories on which they conduct research. Based on the preferences set on your profile, you will receive surveys from the categories which are relevant.

Find surveys under categories including career, Lifestyle, Politics,  consumer products, healthcare, education, wardrobe, Information Technology, Automobile, etc.

With a wide range of survey categories, Opinion World able to send the survey invitations to its users from different background and interest.

Taking Opinion World Surveys:

The Opinion World Surveys are designed very well that their users are answering the questions without feeling stressed.

Unlike surveys with crowded questions and answers, direct Opinion World surveys are very well optimized to answer easily.

The Opinion World Surveys are fully responsive, i.e. you can take surveys using the mobile phone and desktop devices.

Opinion World survey

In some of the Opinion World review, it’s said surveys are hosted by the third party. There might be a compromise in the quality of the survey in such a case.

Also, it’s said sometimes the Opinion World surveys get stuck in the middle without any valid reason. This will actually irritate the survey takers.

Opinion World Survey Router:

Do you know that Opinion World Survey router is one of the best survey routers like YourSurveys?

The Opinion World survey router is available on the top GPT sites where you can take the Opinion World surveys indirectly without being the part of OW directly.

Since the Opinion World don’t have control over the third-party earning sites, you cannot expect the full rewards awarded by Opinion World.

But, Opinion World survey router acts as one of the best tools to find the surveys when you’ve got no survey invitation to participate.

Badges and Achievements:

OW Gold Badge

Win various Opinion World badges by reaching the milestones and completing achievements.

Opinion World badges will eventually increase your grade as a premium member of Opinion World.

Opinion World Monthly Prize draw Entries:

Previously, Opinion World used to reward the lucky users with $10000 per month through the monthly prize draw.

Whenever a user takes the survey, he will automatically receive the free prize draw entry ticket. The more the user has, the higher the chances of winning.

Now Opinion World has removed the monthly prize draw feature for the healthy reason of focusing on the quality of the surveys.

Since getting rebranded as Dyanta LLC, SSI has removed many unwanted features to make their property reliable to its customers.

Quick Thoughts app:

Download the Quick Thoughts survey app to take simple surveys and answer polls using the mobile phone to make money.

Opinion World Rewards and Payments:

Opinion world payments

As said earlier, Opinion World’s payment will change based on the users’ geolocation since they provide customized region-based rewards. Check out the website to know more about the rewards available in your country.

However, here are some of the payment options to mention PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Airline credits, Flipkart gift cards.

The minimum payout is just $10.

Opinion World Payment Proof:

Opinion world payment proof

Once you redeem your points, Opinion World will send the payment or the gift cards within a week.

Check the website in your country for more information about the rewards and time taken to process the payment.

Pros and Cons of Opinion World:
  • One of the established survey sites in the world operated by the best market research company.
  • Opinion World is available to all the users in several countries around the world.
  • They are the one among very few survey panels to offer customized services including language and reward options.
  • The referral program is available in the selected region.
  • Reliable site to take surveys for money.
  • Region-based customized rewards and payment options.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Sends more survey invitation compared to other survey panels.
  • They made a great decision to remove old school prize draw feature on their site to concentrate on potential improvements.
  • Great support team to answer the user queries.
  • Their pay for the survey is not so impressive compared to top panels.
  • Opinion World needs an update in technology.
  • Not a reliable option for the potential freelancers.
  • Can earn only by taking surveys like you can do it as a Toluna Influencers.
Opinion World Review – Final Words on OW Surveys:

Opinion World is one of the largest survey panels in the world with millions of users depending on it to earn rewards by taking surveys. So, Opinion World is not a scam. It’s a reliable safe, legit survey panel to take surveys for money.

OW provide their service both directly and indirectly through third-party sites, makes it the reliable survey panel with plenty of experience. However, they need some improvement in their basic site design and other essential features.

In addition to trusted survey sites like Clixsense, I recommend you to join Opinion World!

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