Opinion Outpost Review – Is it a Legit or a Scam?

Opinion Outpost review

Opinion Outpost is one of the well-known survey panels in the world. One thing I found that Opinion Outpost is very simple unlike the survey panels with crowded unnecessary options. Become the part of Opinion Outpost survey a legitimate website operated by a world-class market research company. This ensures Opinion Outpost will never scam people who are looking to take surveys to earn money online. Opinion Outpost has got both negative and positive reviews over time making it stand on an unbalanced position in the list of the top survey sites!


About Opinion Outpost Surveys:

Opinion Outpost survey is a part of one of the largest market research companies in the world Survey Sampling International, shortly called SSI. Based in Shelton USA, Dynata LLC operates Opinion Outpost alongside Opinion World, YourVoice, etc.

Opinion Outpost Review:

Opinion Outpost review

The Opinion OutPost bridges the gap between your opinion and the companies who are looking for precious views about the products and services. By taking surveys on Opinion Outpost, you can earn cash and gift rewards of popular brands.

Opinion Outpost is purely a survey site that pays only for taking surveys conducted on behalf of companies. Unlike the GPT sites which depend on third-party market research companies, the Opinion Outpost is purely self-operated survey panel.

Opinion Outpost Demographics:

While the Opinion World is operated all around the world, Opinion Outpost is designed only for people from tier-1 countries.

Currently, Opinion Outpost offers full services for people from North America including USA & Canada. Registration is open to UK, Italy, Germany, and Spain residents too.

Opinion Outpost surveys:

The Opinion Outpost users can take surveys and earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and cash rewards upon reaching the minimum balance required to redeem points.

Opinion Outpost work with the most reputable brands to ensure the safety and security of their members.

Surveys from OpinionOutpost will be easier to take using the mobile phone and desktop devices without any hassle like you can do it on YouGov Surveys.

Take surveys with fun to play bonus games to earn additional points on Opinion Outpost.

Unlike most of the survey panels which fails to send at least a few survey panels per week, Opinion Outpost will send survey invitation regularly to the users.

Feel free to complete the profile questionaries to set preferences for the type of survey invitations delivered to your inbox.

Survey categories in Opinion Outpost:

The Opinion Outpost users can find paid online surveys about electronics, medicine, appliances, sports, advertisements, politics, and even what you ate?

Feel free to make use of the survey panels like Opinion Outpost with diverse opportunities to take surveys based on your choice.

You can control the categories of survey invitations you receive by updating your profile often.

Taking surveys on Opinion Outpost:

On average, it will take 10 – 15 minutes to complete a survey on Opinion Outpost.

Some of the high paying surveys can even take a bit more time to complete.

Opinion Outpost users must carefully take surveys without answering the questions randomly in order to prevent being kicked out of the survey in the middle!

The Opinion Outpost surveys are well organized to provide better user experience for the people who are looking to take surveys for money.

Opinion Outpost Survey rewards:

While the Opinion Outpost is not the highest paying survey site, their survey rewards will be pretty decent when compared to the industry standards.

Opinion Outpost pay around 5 – 50 points for completing a survey where conversion of a point equals $0.10.

Opinion Outpost has now removed Quarterly Prize Draw:

Previously, Opinion Outpost has removed the $10000 quarterly prize draw feature in order to enhance their services to their users.

The management declared to get rid of the prize draw in order to focus on market research instead of attracting with the prize rewards. This is a good sign for business.

Nowadays the paid survey users are expecting some authentic survey invitations instead of the prize draw and sweepstakes. So, it’s better to stay away from free giveaways and concentrate on quality. Opinion Outpost is not late to understand this fact.

Is Opinion Outpost is just a survey panel?

Yes, unlike the PTC sites, the Opinion Outpost is purely a survey panel where you can earn money only by taking surveys.

Sites like Clixsense, offer multiple ways to earn money such as micro jobs, cash offers, etc.

Opinion Outpost rewards:

Opinion Outpost has one of the simplest rewarding systems in the industry without filling it with unnecessary reward offers.

Opinion Outpost rewards

There are three ways the Opinion Outpost users can redeem their points for cash via PayPal and gift cards of Amazon.com & iTunes.

The minimum payout is $10.

One of the best things about Opinion Outpost is they process the payments almost instantly where most of the survey panels used to take weeks to process the rewards.

Pros and cons of Opinion Outpost Survey Panel:
  • It is operated by one of the best market research companies in the world, Opinion Outpost will never become a scam survey site.
  • Straight forward survey panel with best user experience.
  • Exclusive survey panel for the top tier countries in the world.
  • Surveys are easy to take across all the devices.
  • No hidden charges and terms that are a problem in a few survey panels.
  • Get a chance to try products and services for free including TV & movie subscriptions.
  • The referral program is available but not so impressive like Swagbucks.
  • Reliable payment options to withdraw earnings.
  • Payments are processed instantly. Cash out to shop ASAP!
  • Opinion Outpost users complain that the opportunities are very less.
  • Getting disqualified for most of the surveys.
  • Users feel that they are screened out at the end of the survey without any valid reason. Maybe there are chances that they might be screened out due to filling the answers fast.
  • Mobile phone app to earn money is not available like Toluna influencers developed for both Android and iPhone to take surveys and earn money using mobile phone.
  • Not available worldwide.
Opinion Outpost Scam or Legit? – The Final Review:

The Opinion Outpost is definitely a legit site to take surveys for money. It is operated by one of the world’s best survey panels, expect some of the best features to be introduced in the future.

While Opinion Outpost has got pros to talk, they should work on fixing the problems that users complain regarding their surveys. Other than that Opinion Outpost is definitely the best and simple survey panel for the users with a reliable payment system.

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