How I earned $20000 on PTC sites | list of best paid to click sites

Paid to click sites which are otherwise called the PTC sites are the most common phrase used by the people who search for online jobs.

Many doubt if the paid to click job is legitimate and if there is any possibility to make money on those sites. The paid to click sites is used by millions of users all around the world to make money from home.

But the fact is less than 5% paid to click users earn a decent amount from the PTC sites.

I’m the one among the millions to use it for over a long period. I tasted the success with PTC sites, but it took several years to master. I’ve earned more than $20000 from PTC sites within a year. In this article, you will learn what is paid to click and how to make the most out of those sites.

Paid to click explained:

The paid to click works in simple concepts and it has become one of the most important categories in the online advertising industry.

The paid to click sites provides two important services to its users. The first one is advertising and the other is earning. The paid to click sites acts as the connector/manager between the advertisers and earners. Let us see how the PTC sites work,

PTC sites working

Advertising on Paid to click sites:

The PTC sites run using a core concept called advertising.

The advertisers advertise their products and services on the PTC sites to generate leads, sales, and exposure. The PTC sites will already have a group of members on their site who work to earn money by viewing the products and services of the advertisers.

The advertisers pay money to the PTC sites for listing their ad(s) on the advertisement page. The PTC sites will list the advertisement on the ads page once the advertisers pay money. Where the members of the PTC sites will start viewing the webpage of the advertisers to earn money. The PTC sites will pay a part of the money paid by the advertiser to the member who works for the PTC site.

While visiting the website, the member(s) might signup for a service or buy a product from the webpage. Advertisers advertise on PTC sites to target such members who can convert.

Earners on paid to click sites:

The earners are the members of PTC sites who work primarily to earn money by watching ads of the advertisers.

The earners earn money in two ways on the PTC sites i.e. getting paid to view ads and by referring new users to the PTC sites.

A member cannot earn more than a few cents without building their downline.

So, things go like this –

  • Advertisers pay PTC sites to advertise their link(s).
  • PTC sites manage the ads and organize the platform to connect the members(customers) and advertisers.
  • The PTC sites pay the members for viewing the advertiser’s products and services.
  • The PTC sites take a part of the money paid by the advertiser as the commission for managing the system.
  • The advertisers enjoy the benefits of leads and sales generated from the advertising.

So all three channels(advertisers, PTC site, and workers) involved in the paid to click somehow make a profit.

Is PTC advertising worth it?

PTC advertising is different from regular online advertising.

The paid to click advertising will not fit for the advertisers of all the categories. Only advertisers from categories like MMO, online marketing, SMM, SEO, tools will able to get returns on their investment.

Paid to click advertising is one of the cheapest advertising in the world. If PTC advertising is used properly, the advertisers can enjoy the huge profit from the small investment.

Can an earner make a decent income from PTC sites?

As I said previously, Get paid to click site is a great source of income if it is used properly.

The PTC users should understand the concept of Paid to click very well before driving their PTC career to an end. I earned over $20000 in the past few years with minimal effort using a few trusted best PTC sites.

Paid to click sites $6000

So, how to make the most out of PTC sites? The answer is referrals. Other than advertisers the main reason why the PTC industry is running successfully for more than a decade is the referral program.

The referral program of the PTC sites is the single concept of why its users make a lot of money without putting much effort.

PTC site Ysense earnings

The referral concept on PTC sites pays referral commission to its users for introducing new users to their site.

When the referral earns money from that PTC site, the referrer will receive up to 100% commission from the referral’s action.


So, if the referral earns 10 US Cents a day, the referrer will receive 10 Cents as a referral commission without doing anything. As the users start to build the downline, they get a chance to make tons by staying idle.

Ojooo PTC website balance


The more active referrals a member has the more the referral can earn from the PTC sites.

So, the members must concentrate on quality and not quantity. Even if the member has 100 refs with no active user, it’s a waste while 10 active users will at least make $1 per day.

PTC sites and referral program:

There are two types of referral programs the PTC sites and the Bux program offers, they are the direct referrals and the rented referrals.

The member of the PTC site will earn referral commissions when both these referrals actively work.

Direct referrals:

Direct referrals are the downline members who join the PTC site using the referral link.

When a user clicks the referral link of the referrer to join a paid to click site, he will be automatically assigned as the direct referral to the referrer. The referrer will have full control over the referral.

The direct referral will be under the referrer for the entire life with no expiration. So, how much can a member earn from direct referrals?

Let’s take if a legit PTC site pay 50% referral commission and the member has 100 total referrals with 50 active ones. The maximum earnings of the User from PTC ads are 10 US Cents per day.

The referral commission the member will receive is 5 US Cents. When 50 active referrals make 10 US Cents, the referrer will earn $5 referral commission per day.

The profit made on the PTC sites using direct referral has no limit. The more referral the member has the more he can earn where the sky is the limit.

Rented referrals:

The rented referrals system of the PTC sites sucks. Paid to click sites offer the feature for the members to rent referrals for money if they suffer to make direct referrals or if they need to make some additional income using rented refs.

So, what is rented refs according to the PTC site? A rented ref is a member without the Upline/direct referrer rented for a certain price by another user.

The rented referral should be renewed each month. Though the rented referral concept sounds good, many PTC job provider site cheats their members using auto bots.

PTC sites and bot rented refs

The image given above is the developer’s account of the PTC site. The administrator of the PTC site will manage all the functions of their site using the backend panel.

By default, the paid to click sites have an option to sell bots as the rented refs. The bots are the pre-defined automatic programs which will act according to the instructions given by the programmer.

While few sites sell real human referrals, many sell bots that are preprogrammed and useless.

Since the rented referral operations are opaque, I don’t believe in rented refs and don’t recommend the users to rent referrals.

Many users claim that they have lost money investing in rented refs since many refs become inactive during the shortest period.

So, it is better to stay away from rented refs for good and invest time and money in advertising to get direct referrals.

Additional earning features on PTC sites:

In addition to earning money by watching ads, the PTC users can now earn money using additional features like doing micro jobs, paid online surveys, etc. These features are enabled in only selected paid to click sites.

Besides, few get paid to click sites has cashback offers that will help you to save money.

If in the case additional features are available other than getting paid to read ads such as typing jobs. Feel free to explore those tasks which will help you to earn more in the case if you’re suffering to make referrals.

Pros and cons of Paid to Click:


  • The Paid to click industry is real and there are PTC freaks who make thousands of dollars every month.
  • Paid to click is available for users all around the world like captcha typing job.
  • Earn money using mobile phone on PTC sites. Make use of responsive mobile PTC sites that also avail money apps for Android and iPhone devices.
  • The PTC sites allow us to make money online in the simplest way.
  • One of the best online jobs for housewives without technical knowledge.
  • PTC advertising can be used to generate leads from the targeted audience.
  • Paid to click advertising is cheaper compared to CPC, CPM advertising.
  • Now PTC users can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like ETH, LTC to withdraw earnings.
  • The affiliate program of PTC sites is the bloodline of the industry. Paid to click is the gift for the affiliate marketers.


  • 95% of the paid to click sites are scams. It is hard to find the real PTC sites.
  • New PTC sites evolve every day just to scam PTC users.
  • Working as an individual in PTC sites is a waste of time, it’s better to stick with the freelance sites.
  • It’s very hard to get direct referrals to PTC sites due to heavy competition.
  • The rented referral operations in PTC sites are not apparent.
  • PTC advertising is not effective because the majority of the users who land the lead page daily are the same users.
  • Few PTC sites put a limit on the number of referrals a user can refer to.
  • Due to the unstable business model, PayPal stopped its support to PTC sites. So, paid to click users cannot use PayPal on PTC sites to withdraw their earnings.

How to make the most out of PTC sites:

PTC sites- Paid to click jobs

For people who wish to start the PTC career, it is advised to choose only the 5 to 10 legendary paid to click sites initially.

The PTC users should not mess up by concentrating on numbers instead they should choose the most reliable sites to start.

On joining a PTC site, the user must analyze the site, forum, and learn their terms, features to see if the site is worth it. Then the user must start building his downline.

Use PTC advertising, blogs, social media, forum to get direct referrals.

Training referrals with positive words are most important to make them stay active. Only active users can add the referral commission to the referrer account. So, here are the points to follow,

  • Join only 5 – 10 elite PTC sites that are paying for over 2 years.
  • Learn the features of the paid to click site properly, analyze if it will fit for you. Everybody fit to do website testing jobs since it’s just a matter of using our 6th sense.
  • Start referring users to the PTC site.
  • Upgrade your account to increase the referral commission and referral limits.
  • Train your referrals to make them stay active.
  • Your account will slowly start to fill your wallet with money. It might take up to 3 months to see a steady income.

Now you’re ready to make more than $50 per day on paid to click sites if you decide to stick with paid to click. Click the button given below to earn money by watching ads.

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