Survey Savvy Review – The App that pays up to $75 per Premium Project

Survey Savvy review

Survey Savvy is a premium research panel that deals with unique research programs mostly based on technology. Like Nielsen research, SurveySavvy pays $15 per month to the users just for installing their SavvyConnect app in the computer and mobile devices. With $1 minimum payment, every Survey Savvy user can expect a paycheck at the end of the month even without attempting to take a survey. Here’s the Survey Savvy review to let you keep informed more about this panel.

In addition to this, SurveySavvy surveys pay high rewards compared to other survey panels apart from YouGov. So, every internet user who comes under their demographics requirement should definitely make use of Survey Savvy to make money online.


About SurveySavvy:

SurveySavvy is operated by LuthResearch one of the established market research companies since the ’80s. They’ve launched Survey Savvy in 1999 as their patented online research panel. Since then, it started to grow as one of the largest community in the world with millions of participants.

Survey Savvy continues to expand its membership daily giving the massive opportunity to earn money using smartphone and computer.

Survey Savvy Review:

Survey Savvy review

SurveySavvy is the place where the community members can earn money by participating in various research studies like paid surveys and data research.

Unlike the other survey sites, Survey Connect users can ensure a minimum paycheck of $15 per month.

With cutting edge technology, Savvy protect its community and their privacy while carrying out research.

Apart from the default rewards from SavvyConnect, the Survey Savvy users can expect a high paying survey invitations delivered to their email inbox often.

Without any doubt, you can become part of Survey Savvy to make the world better by assisting to renovate technology and get rewarded for it.

Survey Savvy User Demographics:

While the essential features and earning capabilities are fully unlocked for the USA, UK users, they accept user registration worldwide.

However, survey invitations are limited to tier-3 countries. And the SavvyConnect app is available only for users from selected countries.

SurveySavvy Paid Surveys:

Survey Savvy invitation

Whenever there is a new survey matches the user profile, Survey Savvy will invite us to take the survey via email.

With the instructions given, you can try to qualify for taking the survey by clicking begin survey button.

While survey panels like PaidViewPoint, LifePoints mostly don’t screen out users, there are high chances here to get disqualified due to mismatch.

To avoid unnecessary screenouts, it is recommended to complete the questionnaires under the profile section.

Besides, Survey Savvy gives users full control to manage privacy and messaging preferences.

Is Survey Savvy the highest paying Panel?

Undoubtedly, Survey Savvy is one of the highest paying survey panels in the world.

I’ve been the part of top survey sites like Toluna, Opinion World, Opinion Outpost where the minimum survey rewards were mostly below a Dollar.

But in the case of Survey Savvy, the survey rewards are decent. Every time I received an invitation it would be a minimum of $1.

Similarly, this is the only survey panel where I receive surveys often that pay more than $5.

The survey rates hardly cross $1 in few survey panels. But, in this case, you can expect higher rewards.

Monthly Draw on Survey Savvy:

Whenever the survey taker gets disqualified while taking the survey, Survey Savvy will automatically enter the user for the monthly prize draw.

Fifty users get a chance to win $10 per prize draw.

Install SurveySavvy’s Research app for Free Rewards:

SavvyConnect app:

SavvyConnect app

Nowadays people expect every company to release mobile apps to make money directly on the smartphone.

If you’re the one looking for a panel with Software for PC, Laptop and app for Android phone, Tablets, iPhone and iPad, SurveySavvy has developed an app for each device.

The SavvyConnect app from SurveySavvy is developed to deliver the surveys at your fingertips.

SavvyConnect app collects user data while surfing the web in a controlled manner to improve the internet.

This app is completely free available in all supported countries.

Benefits of using the Savvy Connect app as an earner:

By installing the SavvyConnect app on the internet-connected device(s), you can earn up to $15 per month.

They pay a guaranteed $5 per device up to $15 per month.

Apart from the rewards, you will be treated as a priority member which includes inviting you as of first preference to take surveys and quick payment processing.

You must install the app in an active device where you’d browse at least once every two weeks.

Check out some of the advantages of installing the SavvyConnect app in the image given below.

Savvyconnect app for mobile

In the case, if you’re looking for active research work, you may try Mystery Shopping jobs.

How do you help by installing the SavvyConnect App:

When you install the SavvyConnect app, it will automatically start to collect the data you surf.

The data will be used to shape the future of the internet and other technology.

They find trends in online shopping, entertainment, and other applications through SavvyConnect while you earn free rewards.

SurveySavvy Referral Program:

They do have a 2 level referral program for their users. You can invite your friends using email invitation or refer users via the referral link.

However, SurveySavvy didn’t tell anything in detail about the commission percentage and other factors.

Your account will be automatically credited after 4 – 6 weeks once the referral completes the survey.

I feel the SurveySavvy referral program is not as effective as that of Ysense affiliate program that pays up to 30% referral commission in addition to $2.

Survey Savvy Payment Method:

There are only a few survey panels that pay their users using Check. SurveySavvy is one among them.

With the lowest minimum payout of $1, expect the paycheck delivered to your postal address each and every month.

Payments are processed automatically without any request.

Pros and Cons of SurveySavvy:

  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating.
  • One of the oldest and established survey panel.
  • Accepts new registration from all around the world.
  • Paying only by check ensures that no user could cheat their system. Enjoy being the part of their scam free community.
  • One of the highest paying survey sites in the world.
  • Earn $15 to $75 participating in their premium research.
  • They respect user privacy and secure the user data using their cutting edge technology.
  • SavvyConnect app ensures that a user can earn a minimum of $15 per month even without working.
  • Since they process payments via Check, there’s no problem in receiving the payments.
  • Payments are processed automatically.
  • Minimum payout is just $1!
  • Good customer support.
  • Low survey invite rate compared to other survey panels.
  • Screenout frequency is high.
  • It may take several weeks to receive the paycheck if you’re outside the USA or UK.
  • Not a worthy panel for members from tier-3 countries.

Final Words – Survey Savvy Review:

Survey Savvy is an outstanding survey panel operated by the oldest and best market research company.

With several unique features like getting paid just for installing their research app, makes it stand out of the crowd.

Their surveys pay high rewards and mostly based on technology which panelist love.

Accepting members from almost all the countries, Survey Savvy makes it possible for each and everyone to participate in the survey program.

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