How to Earn Money by Playing Games Online – List of Free Get Paid to Play Game Programs

Earn money by playing games

Doesn’t it sound great that you can earn money by playing games online? While Get paid to watch videos, Get paid to read books seems to be possible, the Get paid to play game programs sounds weird. But, money earning games are true. There are a lot of mobile gaming apps that pay real cash for playing games. Let’s discuss how the gaming sites were able to pay the users for playing games. Also, find the list of best Get paid to play games and apps to start earning money by playing games.

About Get Paid to Play Games:

The Get paid to play game programs are mostly the part of GPT sites that are created to keep the members engaged. These games will not be high end like we play it on Xbox and Playstation.

So, the money earning games that are available online are mostly not potential. This means it cannot help you to make a decent income like you can do it on the Freelancing sites.

There are some potential Get paid to play programs on the internet but in this case, you might have to invest some money to earn money. Also, there are chances that you may lose your money in the case if you lose the game.

If you’re happy with making a small amount of money on the Get paid to play programs or if you can invest some money, here are some of the websites for you to earn money by playing games.

List of Get Paid to Play Sites to Earn Money by Playing Games:

Find the list of sites below where you can play free online games to earn money.

1. Swagbucks:

The Swagbucks is the best rewarding website on the internet where you can both earn money by doing tasks and save money by shopping.

Run by Prodege LLC since 2005, Swagbucks is the one among very few sites that have adopted the changes to development. They were able to provide the best opportunities to their users.

Get paid to play games is a part of Swagbucks available in the selected region. Swagbucks users can make use of this feature to accumulate some SB in the account.

Swagbucks make it possible to earn money playing games through the third party OfferWalls and advertisers.

Apart from playing games, the main ways to earn money on Swagbucks is by taking paid surveys, answering the polls, completing micro tasks, searching the web, downloading the apps, watching videos, etc.

Get paid to play games

The Swagbucks mobile app is available for the IOS and Android devices make things easier to manage.

Redeem the earned SB using payment sources such as the PayPal, or choose to receive e-Vouchers of brands like Amazon, Google Play, Steam, Facebook, Walmart, Flipkart, etc.


2. Inbox Dollars:

InboxDollars is one of the leaders of paid to read sites started in the early 2000s for the residents of the USA.

They’ve been sending checks on time to the users as soon as their account balance reaches $25.

While InboxDollars primarily pay the members for reading emails, answering surveys, watching videos, printing coupons, they have partnered with the top gaming sites to provide the opportunity to earn money by playing games.

InboxDollars have the library of over 30 arcade games and they provide the opportunity to earn cashback for money spent on GSN(Game Show Network). Win gaming tournaments to win cash rewards and perks.

Their mobile apps are available on AppStore and PlayStore. Download it to earn money using your smartphone.


3. FreeBitcoin:

FreeBitcoin is the best site to earn Bitcoin online. You can generate free Bitcoin once every hour using their faucet just by clicking a button.

Apart from the faucet, FreeBitcoin has a lot of games through which you can significantly multiply your existing Bitcoin and also win rewards such as Lamborghini if you’re a lucky one.

The Multiply BTC section is where you can roll your BTC and multiply it up to 4650 times higher than the current value.

For every wagering and faucet claim, you will get free reward points that you can redeem for Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and other electronic gadgets.

FreeBitcoin pays the users automatically every Sunday if the balance is 0.00003000 BTC.


4. Makeculous:

Makeculous is an online rewarding site that pays the users for completing various tasks and offers.

They do have a game section with various games including the Solitaire, racing, board games, quiz, sports, etc.

Make money one Makeculous by taking surveys as you do it on YouGov, Toluna, LifePoints, and completing offers. Also, get entertained by playing games at the same time.

You need a minimum of $10 account balance to withdraw the earnings via PayPal or Bitcoin Wallet.

Apart from the opportunities mentioned above, you can earn money by watching videos on Makeculous.


5. Rummy:

Rummy is a popular card-based game in India.

While previously the game was played using physical cards, now the rummy game is available online where you can earn real cash.

Since you might have to deposit money to play rummy and earn money, make sure you’ve got skills in playing rummy if you’ve got plans to invest.

Rummy experts are making thousands of Indian Rupees every month by playing rummy online.

So, if you’ve got some skills and if you’re willing to take risks, then you can go for playing rummy online.

Play Rummy in the desktop browsers. And now Rummy app is available for mobile phone devices. Install the rummy app on your mobile phone to earn money playing.


6. Irazoo:

Irazoo is the place where you can earn money by playing games.

Just get into your account, go to the gaming arena, choose a game to play. The longer you play, the more you can earn on Irazoo.

With 50 different games, Irazoo has the latest action, adventure, quiz, and puzzle games.

Apart from playing games, increase the points rapidly by answering surveys, watching videos, and completing offers on Irazoo.

In the end you get paid how you want to, and when you want. Redeem your points for PayPal cash and gift cards of hundreds of brands in the US, Canada, and limited brands in other countries.

You may use this code during sign up 29A7VZ.


7. AppNana:

AppNana - Download games and play for cash rewards

If you’re looking to earn money by playing games on the mobile phone, then AppNana is for you.

AppNana mobile app is available for Android and IOS devices. To start earning money using mobile phone, just download the app to your phone.

Once you download, AppNana will list tons of games that you can choose to install and play to earn credits(nanas).

Download the paid game app for free. Redeem Amazon, Xbox, iTunes, and Google Play gift cards.

Looking for more apps to earn money, check out some of the apps to make money on mobile phone.


8. MistPlay:

Misplay is again an Android app that pays the app users for playing games.

Once you download the app to your smartphone, choose a game in your mix list to start earning points.

The best thing about Mistplay is, it has got tons of positive user reviews in the Google Play store. Every user has commented positively regarding the app after testing the app and withdraw their earnings.

Usually, even if the apps promise to pay, the user reviews used to be very negative in most cases. Mistaplay has managed to gain positive reviews offering a reliable service to the users.

Mistaplay points can be redeemed for gift cards ofย  Visa(cash), Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, GooglePlay, PlayStation, and more!


2 Other ways for Gaming Enthusiasts to earn a Reliable Income:

If you’re not convinced with the sites mentioned above, follow these to make a potential passive income.

9. Start Your Gaming YouTube Channel:

Speaking about YouTube Channels, you might have already come across people who earn money through YouTube.

YouTube share 55% of their advertising revenue to the content creators as we, that are generated via the videos posted on our channel.

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you can make use of this opportunity to create visual content related to gaming.

By creating a YouTube Channel, you can start posting the videos that should be interesting to the gaming audience.

Once you start seeing more views and subscribers, your videos will start generating a decent revenue. All you have to do is post a few videos every week to keep the audience engaged.

The downside of the gaming YouTube channel is, most of the videos will be removed due to copyright violation. So, make sure to read the copyright-terms before creating content. By understanding the policies of YouTube and Google Adsense, you can implement a long term online business on YouTube.

There are tons of YouTubers who make 5 figure income through YouTube. You can join them if you can put some effort into growing the channel.

10. Start your Gaming blog:

If you’re great at writing, you can go for blogging instead of YouTube. YouTubers need to show their faces or at least record their voices to take the channel to the next level.

So, if you’re an introvert or if you feel better writing than creating video content you can start your gaming blog to start earning money.

How does your blog make money for you? It’s simple, earn money from ads, sell your products, help to sell games to earn the affiliate commission, get sponsorships.

Unlike YouTube, bloggers need a lot of patience and smart work to reach the goal. It will take months to get your first paycheck.

But, the blog is the best when it comes to generating passive income since it can open plenty of sources to make money online.

If you’d like to learn more, it’s here how to make money blogging for beginners.

How these Sites were able to Pay the Users for Playing Games:

I’ve listed some of the best sites and ideas to earn money by playing games above. You might have wondered how these sites were able to pay you for playing games. Here is the secret of how these sites were able to pay cash and gift cards for playing games.

1. Sharing Advertising Revenue:

The first possible way they were able to pay the users for playing games is through the advertising revenue.

Every time the users play a game, they will see some advertisements in the middle of each level or once every few minutes.

The site or app will make use of the advertisement revenue to run the programs and pay the users.

Sites that run under this model usually will be unstable since the advertisement revenue is not a fixed one.

If they’re going to follow the revenue sharing model where it’s compulsory to run the video ads to earn points, it should be ok as they’re not pledging the users’ time for revenue from highly secured CPC ads.

2. Affiliate Offers:

The second way the Get paid to play game sites use to generate revenue is through the affiliate networks.

In this case, you will be paid each time only when you complete an action once every few minutes while playing the game.

These sites will be paid commission for the action which will be used to pay you and cover the website hosting costs.

Few sites use both the advertising networks and the affiliate networks to create a stable platform for their users to earn money by playing games online.

3. Revenue through Subscriptions:

In this third model, the sites use two strategies to generate revenue which will be shared with their users who look to make cash playing games.

In the first method, you will have to pay a subscription to activate certain services like the third-party games that are made available at a discounted price. Through this, you can save money while you invest money and win exclusive rewards on winning the game.

In the case of the second model, you might have the complete affiliate offers related to trials, purchase, opt-in to earn money.

4. Prize money distributed to the game winners:

Some of the games require us to invest money to play the game. Once the deposit has been completed, we can choose to invest the money in the game(s) available on the site to play the game.

The gaming site will use the deposit money of gamers to distribute the promised rewards to the winners of the game.

While the winners earn money in sites of this type, the remaining will lose their investment.

So, it’s advised to make an investment which you can afford to lose if you wish to play such games.

5. Participate in Direct Gaming Tournaments:

Few games like DOTA conduct online gaming championship tournaments and rewards an incredible amount of prize money to the winners.

If you’re a skilled gamer, then you can try participating in such online gaming tournaments to test your gaming skills and win cash prizes.

Look for the local gaming tournaments on sports-based games, racing, to challenge other gamers.

Gaming events are usually conducted on behalf of the event organizers. Check out your local event websites to get more information about the gaming tournaments conducted in your region.

Pros and Cons of Get Paid to Play Games Websites:

  • One of the basic online money-making programs available to all the users.
  • You can indeed earn money by playing games. It’s not a myth.
  • Other than playing games for money, get paid to do other activities like taking surveys, completing tasks, and offers.
  • Money earning games are available even for mobile devices like you can take surveys on your mobile phone.
  • Get paid for playing games as both cash and gift cards. Few sites pay Bitcoin for playing games.
  • Some sites will have a referral program that you can use to make passive income by referring people to play games.
  • Not a reliable online money-making program.
  • You can earn only a few cents spending an hour. So, it’s worthless unless you’re planning to waste time which is the same case of captcha typing jobs.
  • People get scammed if they get into fake get paid to play sites.
  • Works decent only for people from tier – 1 country.

At last, the Get paid to play game site is real. But, if you’re looking for some reliable ways to make money online, then this is not for you. So, you can search for website testing jobs.

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